4th annual NW SN meet

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  1. :nice:

    No sir. I too had a dirty engine bay. I was the kid in the 2000 red Saleen with the black top. One of the guys who pissed off the Jeep. :rlaugh:

    I missed the sweet burnouts... :mad:
  2. Hey,

    Had a great time today!!!! :nice: Nice show guy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just got home about 10 minutes ago! Made a stop by Burgermaster on the way home, I was the only Stang and there were 3 Grand Nationals.
    I Made good time comming home left Woodland at 5:30 and pulled into Burgermaster at 7:55! I guess it helped following a Wa.State Patrol Car pulling a motocycle trailer all the way from Longview to Olympia he was doing 80-90mph all the way, so I just stayed right behind him, If he can go 80-90mph I quess I can too!!!

    Cory, thanks for the good time!!!:hail2: Much appriciated I'll post up those Pics in the morning!!
    Take Care

    See Ya Bill
  3. That was funny:lol:
  4. i tried to show but i got lost on st jhons blvd and wound up coming back home i suck at findin places in vancouver
  5. It was right off St. Johns... :shrug:

    Maybe next time.
  6. Had a great time yesterday!!! Thanks Guy's

    Hey Cory,

    Here is some of the Pics of our Saleens

    See Ya Bill

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  7. Many props to all who helped put on this event. The entire day was damn near perfect.

    I have burnout videos on the Wrangler website. When I get all the pics and sort through them, I'll add them to the webpage.

  8. I too enjoyed myself thoroughly and would and will love to do it again! To all who put in work to make this happen, as in BOP, All FP, Cory, and all unnamed thank you once again. Its times like this that all my hard work and money comes to fruition and I realize why I am an avid enthusiast. Thanks to all who attended as well, including Mustang Wranglers and other club members as that is what makes these shows happen!
  9. :cheers: Cory - Congratulations on a wonderful show. I havent had that much fun in a long time. Thanks to AFP/BOP and everyone else who helped make the day a success. The food was good, the burnout contest was a hit with the crowd as always and the cruise was a blast. (Clean up the seat yet). This type of event brings a fresh experience to the Mustang hobby in general and is one that Mustang Wranglers will always support. Good job buddy. Cobra Dave - President - Mustang Wranglers of Oregon

  10. I am glad you guys enjoyed it. Seat and pants could use some "quick detail":D

    Look forward to working with you in the future Dave, tks for the support:nice:
  11. :lol: peace

  12. Cory just use a little psh psh and it will all go away and remember BBC and laugh

    MAYBE NEXT YEAR :dead:
  14. get that long block to me- lets get SOMETHING going!

  15. Whoaa I crashed my motorcycle less than 1 mile from that store! Down the street shown here. 4-18-04 7:23pm I baught a poppy seed muffin at that store then crashed 1 mile later. Don't eat them they are bad luck!

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  16. It's not the muffins. It's racing around with Jordan! His presence causes all kinds of crashes, breakage, etc. Though, it is good that he was there to help you when you did crash.
  17. Ok, for that I'm passing on the bad mojo to you.:nono: Eric and Cory had their turn but for you its on like Donkey Kong...:mad: Remember this the next time you hear a funny noise from your car...:eek:
  18. :rofl:

    Nate still has that video tape...