4v heads on a 2v

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  1. Ive got a 02 gt and will have some money for mods i wa thinking blower but would like to convert to cobra na way could 4v heads bolt on to a 2v and wht extra parts would be needeeed
  2. Dont waste your time, buy a 4V motor
  3. how about NOOOOO. I already have a block to work with if it fits Im not spending 3k on a used cobra engine. Your post didnt help one bit I asked if it could be done.. read my post :mad:
  4. THat kind of attitude won't get you far, I'll tell you that. He is right anyway. You would have to machine the block for the heads to work. That, plus a bunch of other things would run you MUCH MUCH MUCH more than simply dropping in the complete 4V motor.
  5. He would not have to machine the block to make 4V heads work on an Iron block. The '03 Cobra basically uses a 2V block.

    There are numerous things that will be needed to make it work, but I agree with one poster above, it will be easier and cheaper to buy a used 4V. Have you looked at the cost of 4V heads? They are not cheap.

  6. Sell your GT motor & buy a Cobra motor. They share nothing in common except displacement. Also if your looking to build up a motor 400hp+ the 4v Cobra motor is much more robust, with it's forged crank & high quality AL block.
  7. Totally possible, no machining required if you don't mind a blower friendly 7.85:1 (or 8:1?) compression ratio. Worth it...not IMO...by the time you get heads, intake, computer or re-flash, and ancillary parts not to mention you should do a forged crank (the factory did).

    If I would have had access to cheap parts, I was going to do this same project with a blower to my GT. Kar Kraft sells whole 4V crate motors for around $4500 bucks and you gain an aluminum block.

    Or do what I did...just buy a Cobra!
  8. Maybe if you were starting from scratch it might be more cost effective to just buy a cobra motor...but what if you are already forged....and have the same cobra accessories....say like my Bullitt?....:O) you can extend your stock harness and have a chip burned for the PCM...or I suppose you could buy a Cobra PCM and harness.

  9. If you were to use the heads from a 96-01 Cobra you could have seriouse problems. Aluminum Heads/Iron Block. Under heat and stress the two different metals react differently.
  10. Ok...so what about 03' heads? Or Navi heads....or maybe even Mach heads?

  11. 03/04 heads would be your best bet.
  12. Aluminum heads on an iron block have been a proven reliable combo for a while now. The 4.6 SOHC, 03 Cobra, 5.4 SOHC, 5.4 DOHC, and with the pushrod motors.
  13. The 2V SOHC utilizes aluminum heads and iron blocks. 03 Cobra utilizes aluminum heads and iron blocks :scratch:
  14. Look in the Ford racing catalog for 2004, they're getting rid of complete brand new mach 1 and cobra motors for fairly cheap.
  15. Anyone think of anything else?

    03' Cylinder Head ASSY W/Valves LH P/N: 2C5Z-6049-FA
    03' Cylinder Head W/Valves Assy RH P/N: 2C5Z-6049-GA
    03' Lower Intake Assy P/N: 2R3Z 9424-BB
    03' Upper Intake Assy P/N: 3R3Z 9424-DA
    Throttle Cable P/N: 1R3Z9A758CA
    Cruise Cable P/N: XR3Z9A825BA
    Over flow hose P/N: F8ZZ8C350AA
    Stat Housing P/N: F6ZZ8592BB
    Stat housing P/N: XR3Z8K528AA.
    Lower Hose (Rad-Housing) P/N: 7ZZ8K576AB
    Lower Hose (block-Housing) P/N: F7ZZ8K576AB
    Upper Rad Hose P/N: F7ZZ8260AA.
    Bypass hose P/N: F7ZZ8A593AB.
    Timing Chain Cover P/N: 2R3Z-6019-BA