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  1. Hey y'all! It's been quite a while since I regularly posted on stangnet, and I figured I'd get back on since I know there are literally tons of good folks on here and I'm about to start another undertaking that may soon require some assistance. Onto the project:

    As the subject line would indicate, I'm dropping a 4V into my '84GT. The original intent was to buy the complete engine from a '98 Cobra...that deal kinda fell through and my source for a powerplant was on hold for a bit as I really wanted the Teksid block (ok, ok, so the desire to have an aluminum block was kinda vain). I finally found one, but now since I'm having to source all the external and many internal parts, the road to installing this engine in my car has gotten somewhat bumpy.

    Stuff I've already acquired:
    PA Racing K-member
    Teksid block (bore .020")
    Cam covers (anyone know where to get blue wrinkle finish?)
    Timing cover
    Timing set
    8 bolt crank (polished, ass'y balanced)
    C heads w/99-01 Cobra cams (5 angle v/j, new seals)
    Mach 1 intake with throttle cable and throttle body
    DSS pistons
    Used set of Manley rods w/ARP 2000 bolts
    4R75 tranny w/3500 stall and fwd manual v/b
    Single turbo exhaust parts (no downpipe)
    hyrdoboost setup
    60lb injectors

    Stuff I know I'll need:
    Fuel rails
    Cam Spacers
    a/c pump and hardware (I "have" some of these parts-just not in my posession)
    Turbo (precision 6766, billet compressor, .81 A/R exh housing)
    FMIC with piping
    Belt tensioner and idler
    P/S pump with lines to rack...have the ones to the hyrdoboost...still ironing all that out
    3 pump hat (hey, I might wanna run E85 later)
    99-04 fuel tank
    Blow-thru 75mm MAF
    Blow-off valve

    There's probably some stuff on there (both lists) I've forgotten, but that's the bulk of it. I knew this wouldn't be a cheap undertaking, but I wanted it and I believe having a turbo'd 4V will more than meet my goals. The best part about this is that after owning the car for as long as I have, it'll finally have working a/c again. I don't necessarily believe everything I'm told, but coming from the one who talked me into this, and corroborated by at least three others, my goal of 500-550rwhp will be met without much effort...we shall see. As things progress and I have opportunity, I'll post up pictures-wish me luck!
  2. Oh-input is welcome and appreciated
  3. That goal will be met without any effort...when your ready to buy parts let me know if I can help..
  4. Hey Rick, long time no see-thanks for the offer! I might have to take you up on it. Do you happen to have any of the stuff on my "need" list?
  5. Nice rides on your site btw-too bad for me I'm not nearer to PA...
  6. My site is way outdated, it is getting ready for a major overhaul..

    I may have some of that stuff laying around, if not I can get anything and get decent deals. I was lucky and snagged a entire harness and ECU from a 97 Cobra for my swap, the harness was mint and fully complete. I did a dist set-up for mine...
  7. That's pretty sweet-I have a '98 Cobra ECU harness, and '96-'98 engine harness that I was going to adapt to fit, but since I'm going COP, I really haven't a need for them anymore. Kind of a shame, when I received the harness, it was still in the Ford bag. I took it out to look at it and put a CCRM on it; aside from that, it's still untouched, but I can't use it unless I drill out the holes and pin in for the COP stuff. I need to call PA Performance again at a better time during the day and finally get them to send me the wire harness and pigtail parts for my transbrake v/b. I bought it second hand for a pretty good deal but unless I want to run it like a C4 without a reverse gear I gotta get the wiring for the swap. I've talked to them twice this week, and they were supposed to call me back today with the cost...didn't happen.
  8. Just dropped off cam and timing covers at the powdercoating place yesterday...should have them back by end of next week :). They didn't have any wrinkle finish available, so I went with Signal Blue.
  9. Sweet.....

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  11. ...couple pictures... 46block.jpg covers.jpg
  12. Crank is in!

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  13. pistons.jpg

    This is from earlier today. After talking to Rick, I pulled them back apart and relubed the pins since the engine will likely sit for a few months before actually being fired up. So far, I have two sets of rings filed and installed on the pistons. Depending how awake I am, I might burn some midnight oil and get the rest of them knocked out tonite.
  14. shortblock.jpg

    I guess I decided to burn some midnite oil...I gotta get adjusted to a nightshift schedule anyway...might as well get somethin' productive done!
  15. 55lb-ft on the rods with ARP lube, 0.021" top ring, 0.025" second ring...everything rotates nice and smooth. I just need to police up some miscellaneous fasteners and guide pins. I bought all the big parts piecemeal as opposed to buying a complete engine, so I gotta find all the hardware...grrr
  16. I have some spare stuff let me know what you need...
  17. I should be able to source most of it locally, but it's still frustrating to have to stop progress on the engine because of a lack of fasteners. Rest assured, if I need some pieces parts I can't find, you'll be the first person I contact.
  18. ...don't suppose you have the coolant transfer tubes so I can run a heater do ya? Oh-while I'm thinkin' about cooling stuff-what water pump would you recommend? I know there's a couple different varieties, and this where I'm pretty ignorant of what is available and what would play well with what I'm doing.