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  1. Hello all,

    I have just completed repainting our 87' LX. When I took the old badges off of the car, I measured everything so that I could put them back on in the same location. My problem is I can't find my measurements for the location of the "5.0" badges. :doh: :bang::bang::bang:

    Can anyone help me out??? I guess I need distance from the door/fender edge to the badge, and either distance from the molding up to the badge, or from molding flare line on the fender up to the badge.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Anybody?
  3. PM ALMOSTSTOCK. I believe he measured his when he had it repainted and I am sure he still remembers the numbers. If not, he will measure it for you. I just eyeballed mine after it was painted.

  4. Go "Badge Delete" so that people won't know what hit them. :nice:
  5. I personally like the look of the 5.0 badges rather than going badgeless. I positioned mine in a spot that I though looked good....then I measured the one so that the other side was exactly the same. I positioned mine right in the middle of the door seam and where the fender starts, and about 1/2" up from the molding.
  6. exactly thats what I have




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  7. 2 3/8" from door line, 4"from fender to bottom corner of emblem, and about 1 3/4" up from the molding. :nice:
  8. who measures it? lol just stick them on the fender - i didnt measure either one of mine, just look at some pics and go throw them on, nobody at a car show is gonna knock points off for a cm off! Get new ones too - dont use ur old ones cuz usually theyr faded, adn just get shiny new ones if u didnt already
    Paul Perreca
  9. Thanks! :nice: Beleive it or not those were the numbers I remembered, just couldn't find where I wrote them down. BTW your car looks great!

    Paul - I've got new 5.0 badges, ford emblems for the front and back and a new LX badge. Plus new headlights and door handles. The car looks amazing with the new badges, like it just rolled off the show room floor. :D
  10. I just looked at pictures also....but I did measure so both sides were the same. If one side was a centimeter different from the other it would drive me INSANE! :crazy:
  11. saw a guy around town with his "5.0" badges about 4 inches above the belt moulding. I'll tell ya what, i don't blame you for being anal about it, because it caught my eye from across the street! After i saw that i noticed cobra badges all over his car....ugh i hate that....if you have a Cobra, great. If you don't, then don't sport the badges....its so....well....ricey.
    First LX Notch Cobra i've ever seen!

  12. You don't see those wheels on many foxs looks really good!!!! :nice: :canada:
  13. No other badge in the Car World is more well-known than tha "5point0"
  14. Thanks....I just wanted to reuse my brand new 16" tires :nice: