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  1. Hey guys. I picked up a TFS street heat upper and lower intake with 65mm throttle body, 24lb injectors, and a 70mm mass air flow programmed for 24lbs. I'm planning on purchasing a TFS stage 1 cam, twisted wedge 170 heads, Crower 1.6 rocker arms. I'm going with Crower because I want to use stainless steel. I'll also be doing an ARP head stud kit, trick flow premium gasket set, and a trick flow billet steel timing chain set. What do you all think of this set up? I was also wondering what I should do for a fuel set up? Such as fuel pump or adjustable regulator?
  2. sounds like a nice setup. Personally I would go with 30lbers but you should be ok. What MAF- C&L or PRO M> You should also get an adjustable FPR- Kirban, and a at least a 155lph fuel pump. Youl will also need to check for proper pushrod clearance- trickflow sells different length ones. I think 6.72 are the ones you need but you should check. That is essentially the 350hp top end kit you have. Should net around 300 hp.
  3. That's essentially what I'm building. Guy wanted $350 for the intake mag and tb and injectors. It's a cobra maf. I think I'm going to get a different maf and injectors. I'm also going to run bbk ceramic coated shorty headers with an off road h pipe and run 3.73 gears
  4. Also I think twisted wedge heads come with pushrods
  5. Honestly it may be cheaper in the long run to just order the tfs kit.
  6. Nah, I've done the pricing and my father owns an auto repair shop and I'm able to get parts a lot cheaper through Motorstate
  7. cobra MAF wont work without a tune or changing the EEC . TFS nor any other heads come with pushrods.
  8. I was thinking about changing it, it just came with the intake. Should I use a bigger MAF?
  9. I would go with an 85 or 90 mm maf.
  10. For that set up, which will run great, I'd run a 75 or 76mm MA, depending on brand.
  11. Isn't the opening on that intake 75mm?
  12. From what I've been reading it sounds like maybe 75mm tb and 75mm maf.
  13. Sounds good, you will have a Trick flow motor