5.0 Coyote Swap

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  1. from doin some research about a coyote swap it doesnt look like there is a intake out there for a carburated set-up.it would be so much easier and cheaper to do.is it even possible with the varaible cam timing in those motors.just saying would love to have one in my fox.
  2. I actually did see one with a carb setup on stangtv. I wasn't really paying attention to give you any details. Sorry. But it is out there
  3. I believe there is one somewhere. But take my .02 on it. I just did it for a friend the thread is on here. The 1500 dollar control pack is worth it and the car runs flawless.
  4. One of the awesome things about the new 5.0 is the power output it makes, and the drivability for that power level. I believe a lot of that is going to be due to the electronics.

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  5. 100 percent , this thing literally can have the key bumped in 38 degree weather and starts like a 13 gt
  6. IMO if you are going through the expense , time, and effort to do a coyote swap, it is foolish to try and run a carb. Just build a carbed 408 windsor for 1/2 the price,
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  7. Ah a 408 makes me feel warm inside . that's my dream just fuel injected for my coupe
  8. Had a chance to drive a '14 today with 6spd. I now understand how this swap can be so desirable lol. Why buy a $36k car when you can swap one into a 4cyl fox so much cheaper.
  9. i know huh.i already have a fuel injected 351w in her now.runs good but ijust want more.im also thinking about the 408 or 427 (the big bore block 4.125x4.00).
  10. also just wondering as to what cfm the heads flow on those new coyote motors.being that they are so strong for a 5.0L
  11. yup and that power in 1000lb lighter car
  12. I read an article somewhere that claimed the old 4 valve heads, like on the 03-04 Cobras, flowed a little over 300cfm. I' also read literature where Ford claims the coyote heads outflow any other 4 valve head, but I have seen no flow numbers.

  13. By the time you are done paying for the parts alone on a coyote swap you could make quite a few payments on that on that 14 gt.

    I like the coyote and the newer gt's, but for the power and cost i just don't see it as the best swap engine.

    A while back i added up the necessary parts list, and it was like 15 grand. That doesn't included necessary suspension changes.

    That much cash for 400hp isn't exactly a bargain.
  14. 11,5 with no power steering . the we had the k member control arms and coil overs already from when it had the BBC in it
  15. They came out with that Coyote swap kit the year after I put my last stroker engine in. I seriously missed out. It's definitely the way to go. I think if I was able to sell my heads it would have cost the same. I like the engine, but I don't like the new Mustangs.

  16. As much as I love it like I said I still either want to do. a 347 or 408 the other money can go else where on the car 5 lug , TRANS etc
  17. Besides the cool factor, 15k for 400hp doesn't do it for me.
  18. To me, the wow of the coyote is the drivability and fuel mileage with 412HP. Plus, it's just a starting point. You can still port heads, add cams and add boost. If you build this engine like we do our sbf's, 800 streetable HP is a breeze.

    Now, is it cost effective? Afraid not...

  19. I'd do it, sell my truck and drive the Mustang everyday. It's over 500hp with some bolt ons.

  20. While 500hp is possible with bolt ons, the price is astronomical. Heads, cams intake, tune, gaskets to get to 500hp is like $5000 worth of parts. Then you have the fact that it may not be a good project for someone that is used to wrenching on their pushrod engine. Most would be better off skipping straight to the supercharger, which again is $5500+.

    It's a great engine, but is much better financially in the car it comes in.
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