5.0 Coyote Swap

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  1. Unfortunately I can't stand the car it comes in. For me, now that I'm an old fart, I would have preferred the Coyote engine to my pushrod. Different strokes for different folks. The prices will come down. Modular parts used to be astronomical. Remember when LS1 parts were extremely expensive?

  2. I like the coyote but a well built 408 makes more power and is cheaper. Maybe not as drivable or cool as a coyote swap. It would be real cool to see a coyote swap with a turbo setup.
  3. Kurt,
    That comment is pretty misleading.

    The list of missing parts alone to make that engine run in a fox will cost almost as much as the entire 408 setup complete.
    Remember you can assemble your own 408 on a purchased shortblock on a modular, not so much.

    Modular swaps into foxes get out of control financially in the blink of an eye. I learned that the hard way.
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  4. ^^^^thats what I meant to say. With all the accessories,electronics,etc a 351 stroker is a better bang for the buck. And x1000 for working on them
  5. I haven't found the conversion package yet. I saw it advertised last year, and it wasn't that pricey. However, I don't think the 408 is a better bang for the buck, it's a different bang all together. The problem I have with a big stroker is how much you end up enjoying it. If you dropped a Coyote in an SN, you could drive it everyday. It would get good gas mileage, wouldn't vibrate your teeth out with a huge cam, wouldn't have to bolt cats on it once a year to pass emissions. You wouldn't have to put manual brakes in your car, and it's a factory built engine, so it would be a whole lot less likely to fail. For me, bringing my car back to daily driver status would have been worth a little extra cash. I remember face palming last year when I realized that it would have come out about the same putting in a Coyote vs fixing my 347 if I had sold my heads.


  6. Kurt, lets be honest. You could build a deent 306 or 347 with a Vortech and get 400hp all day long, and have good street manners for less than 1/2 the price of a coyote swap- and still keep the p/s, a/c, etc.

    Hell, take any stock 5.0 block or a jy Explorer motor- fresh set of bearings, throw a TFS top end on it with a used S trim and you have 400 hp. Drive the piss out of it and if you split the block, oh well, another $250 for another JY explorer motor.
    I know as I've done it along with 1000's of others. I used the 408 as just a throw out comparison.

    I'd love to have a coyote motor in my LX, but unless I win the lottery it doesn't make sense to me. The swap is at least $15k when all is said and done. God bless if you you have that kind of cabbage laying around.
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  7. Blowers have their own problems. That Coyote is rediculous. It's not just the power, it's how instant the power is. I always considered that VTEC tech to be ricey stuff until I drove the new 5.0. I'm a believer now. I'm pretty sure you can do one for less than $15k. A 408 is going to cost you $10k for the engine if you did it right. I'm sure it would cost me $8500 to build the stroker I have now from scratch.

  8. As much as I believe flatheads belong in Ford street rods, I believe windsors belong in the Fox.
    I see a coyote in a Fox and I say to myself, that was the easy way out... Making 400-500 with a coyote is yawn... making 400-500 with a 306/308... that had to be planed out pretty carefully.
    I guess I just like era correctness... I guess I'm old.
    Drivability in my opinion, is for daily drivers, hot rodded foxes require some character.

    To each his own.
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  9. Not sure you are getting old, because as many of us get older we tend to have a distaste for the little idiosyncrasies that we once thought were fine in a fox. Loud exhausts become too loud, poor ride becomes too noticeable, trailer hitching becomes embarassing, driving in the rain or god forbid the snow feels life threating, and ineffective Air condition just plain old sucks.
    These are the things that young guys don't mind and are also the things that make old guys stop driving their cars, turns drivers into collectors and i'm surely no collector.

    I did my conversion because i was in love with how the terminator felt, but didn't really want a new edge.

    About the only thing i miss about my pushrod engine, is the idle with a cam. I just don't think a lumpy idle is worth a couple of grand or i would do the cams.

    I'm not defending conversions, not everyone needs to like them, nor do i think they are for everyone, just saying you may not be getting old (mentally).
  10. Too funny, thank you for that last line.
    I guess I'm a real young 45.
    I have a very high strung solid roller 306 with offroad exhaust, drag oriented suspension, solid bushed arms out back, running on drag radials with no a/c, I live in Phoenix AZ and have it insured and registered as a collector.
    Everything you said you hate I absolutely love.
    Man did you strike home. Very amusing.
    Did you used to be on 5.0 Tech?
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  11. Ya, been some time since i went to 5.otech

    I tried pretty much that entire list of mods other than a solid lifter setup. When i was 21 i would have been ok with most of it, just not anymore.

    Last year i was complimented on my AC, person said wow this air conditioning works great for an old car. Now that i'm a couple years from 40, i thought that was a great compliment. One would think they would be impressed by smoking the tires with drag radials from a 40mph roll, but no, i got great air conditioning, lol.

    Mine too is insured (not registered) as a collector, but my only limitations are i can't drive it to work or school, neither of which would be possible anyway, so it saves me quite a bit of money.

    I just like to feel that i could drive it everyday if i had too.
  12. So funny what gets us old farts going. Mine is also registered as a collector car.

  13. I love the "raw" nature of my mustang. I'm over 40 now and don't care about the AC being crap,the loud exhaust,drag "rough" suspension,etc etc. I actually want this effect on my senses. Funny how everybody is different. If I actually wanted the other stuff more I'd just buy a new mustang lol. Different strokes I guess;)
  14. And 2000xp your car is a badass:nice:
  15. I did not mean to slight the coyote swap, it has all the advantages that have been outlined in this thread, it's just not for me.
    It's a darn good thing we don't all like the same thing. I'd be pretty discouraged if everyone had a Green notch with a high strung 306.
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  16. I'm 58 and running 4.10's with long tubes and no mufflers on my 05 GT......just to assure you that your affliction only gets better.
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  17. By modern standards all foxes are raw, no engine swap is going to make a fox into a cadillac, most if not all will still ride a bit poorly, the interior will never be all that good and they will always be loud.

    The rawness i like is in the way a fox drives, it's light and quick, and will bite your head off if you don't respect it.

    That's where newer cars lose my attention, other than the zo6 of course.
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  18. I still think the Foxbody mustang is the last musclecar ever sold.

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  19. " The rawness i like is in the way a fox drives, it's light and quick, and will bite your head off if you don't respect it."

    This is probably the best way someone can describe a Fox
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