5.0 Coyote Swap

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  1. My two cents (as a person with a Windsor swapped Fox):

    Building a RELIABLE 302/351 will cost as much or more than a junkyard coyote swap. I've spent over $6k on a stock block 331 before. It all adds up!
  2. Haven't seen any Coyote junkyard specials yet. I know an Ls1/T56 on the rollback special for about $2200.

  3. ditto! I drive my 93 from NorthEast MD to Rochester NY to Charleston SC and I love it. The AC doesn't work and is the only problem I've ever had with this car, well until the PCM died earlier this summer. As soon as I get it replaced I'll be back to running it up and down the east coast!

    But... I have also thought about getting a Coyote stang to tear apart and rebuild one of my Foxes with anything that I can make fit, then part the rest of the new stang out. Why... why not! :D