Expired 5.0 Crane Camshaft E303 -99$

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder Parts' started by PeterSk, Jul 2, 2014.

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  1. Mustang 5.0 camshaft for sale. Retails for $279 yours today for $99. I am 15 minutes from Philly.

    Cam Specs: Rocker Ratio 1.6 Intake Events: Open 4 degrees BTC, Close: 42 degrees ABC. Exhaust Events: Open 52 degrees BBC, Close 6 degrees BTC. Duration SAE: Intake: 288 degrees, over 226 degrees, Exhaust: 288 degrees over 226 degrees. Lift (inches) LoBe .320 over .320E Valve: .512 Intake over .512 Exhaust. LoBe center Intake: 109 degrees, Exhaust 119 degrees. For 1985 and newer 302 roller.

    I also have a matching set of springs and rockers for an additional $50.

    And a set of new lifters for a 350 Chevy additional $30.

    Give me a call, we can make a deal. Prices are NOT firm.

    267 736 9998

    Peter - Text or call

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Thread Status:
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