5.0 Effects Of Smog Bypass

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  1. I am putting in a o/r h-pipe and was wondering if bypassing the smog pump with a shorter belt would cause the pump to seize over time or cause any other adverse effects. I need to keep the pump in for annual emissions inspection (aircare, vancouver).
  2. Depends on the condition of the pump and where you live. Northern states car, driven in the snow and rain...i can see it seizing over time.

    Souther car, driven on sunny days. Should be good to go.

    If you are really concerned, just leave the belt hooked up to it. Bypassing it will gain you maybe 1/4 HP. When you see how much a replacement pump costs, you'll wish you did leave it hooked up
  3. I would spin it every now and then and spray down the shaft and bearings with some WD40. Should be good though.
  4. I'm up in canada, but the car only runs june-october.
    Also I broke the smog vacuum line. The one that goes into the centre of the cluster and connects to the valve (air bypass? or air diverter?) by the passenger header. I broke it taking my headers out tonight...