-5.0 EFI ~conversion in Mustang II /?

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  1. Now who has this done to there II ?

    How much work or labor in doing the Swap- ?

    Wiring that hard to do ? [ if you use 89-93 5.0 Mass air- ]

    Suspension.. will 8:8 bolt up / cross member - ?
    Power steering - rack and pinon Use II or 87-93 parts ?

    Just tring to get an idea how much work it will take.

    just sold my 86 gt 5.0 - and i'm looking for something - :banana:

    thanks for any help
  2. i have a 351 EFI in my Pinto, it was fairly easy to do in my opinion. As long as you have some idea of what your doing, one wrong wire hook up and poof....there goes your computer! There are less than ten wires that need to be connected (depending on if your hooking up dummy lights, and factory gauges...i didn't) I can recomend some web sites if you would like. An 8.8 will fit, but its not a bolt in if thats what your looking for as you'll have to put spring perches on it. I'd just stick to the 8 inch if it has one as they will handle alot if rebuilt. For the steering just keep it stock, power or manual (my car is manual) If you know nothing about the wiring or don't have the skills to read the diagrams.....your better off finding someone who does and getting help. Jeff

  3. If you manage to get the 8.8 to bolt up in the rear, I know you'll be the first person I've heard of doing it.

  4. Well i do have a good understanding how everything works.
    I just got the idea to do it after seeing some 87-93 5.0 donar cars in the auto trader-

    If it was alittle more work i think i would try to put the 8:8 in there ..

    T-5 Trans work ? [use M II pedals ?

  5. Like this?? :D


  6. ricky something did it.

    It used to be on sleepers site

    larger u bolts require redrilling plates
    spring perchs etc etc not a bolt in at all

  7. Ya ! :D

    I know i seen pics before - i think it's your car i've been thinking about..

    So how long did it take you to do the swap /?
    run across many problems ? trans or rear end .. Wireing ?

    Was your M-II org. a v-8 -4-speed ?

    Well what do you think was the hardest part in the swap ?
  8. Does anyone have the info on converting a carbed motor to EFI?
  10. This guy did.

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  11. - yea i seen that car ..on MII web site , sports a 4.6 ....

    i like the idea of efi 5.0 in Mustang II because it can fit under a stock hood !
  12. BUMP < BUMP !!!