5.0 engine and misc parts

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by chrisvande, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. User ID: from other mustang sites: Quick50stng (Corral), ChrisVande ( Street Car Forums & Four eyed Pride)

    HO upper/lower intake $20
    HO cam $30
    Roller lifters $30 shipped
    Explorer 19 lb injectors $30 shipped
    Fuel rail $10
    Bosch O2 extended sensors (new w/maybe 1000 miles) (SOLD)
    UPR X-pipe $60
    Flowmaster knockoff mufflers w/flow tubes $50
    Long block w/o cam $150 (has 230k miles but runs great good oil pressure, new head gaskets, and rear main seal)
    ECU from Mark VII $30
    Engine wiring harness $30
    Injector harness $20 (SOLD)
    Distributor $18
    FRPP AC delete kit new $20 (pending)
    5.0 Timing cover $20 (pending)
    Oil pan with pickup $20 (pending)
    AOD transmission with converter, flexplate new in 04' $250
    Walbro 190 lbs/hr fuel pump $40 SOLD
    5.0 HO aluminum valve covers polished tops/painted black on the sides $20
    5.0 mustang 15:1 steering rack in good condition with good tie rods Pending SOLD
    Stock 5.0 Sport computer $5
    HO Throttle body $15
    Engine heater coolant tube $30 shipped

    Added Parts:
    TPS and IAC $10 for the pair (SOLD)
    New stock radiator and good hoses $50 (perfect for that 4cyl swap)
    Fan shroud in excellent condition $25
    Clutch fan $25 no cracks in great shape.
    Radiator hold down brackets $10
    Take $100 for brackets, radiator, clutch fan, shroud and hoses!
    Stock coil and bracket $10
    302 Starter (in good working order) $15
    Large stock sway bars $10 each
    Mustang 5.0 stock front lower control arms (have good bushings) $15
    82 Coupe. 302, Gt40's, Torker289, 3:73's in a 2800 lbs package
    88 T-bird Sport coupe 5.0/AOD/3:45 gears
  2. location? pics of the valve covers?
  3. Have a OEM Air Box and tubing that go from the Air Box to the TB?
  4. Do you still have the valve covers? they are just stock valve covers correct? Will you do 20 shipped? I dont care what they look like.
  5. interested in the radiator and shroud, just wonderin if you still got'm. also where are you located?
    thx, zac
  6. where are ya located? still have the block?
  7. Where are you located

    I need to find out how to get a hold of you. My name is Montrece I have a 89 Mustang Gt that I'm trying to get finished with by Jan.2011. I would like to buy you front control arms and the roller lifters for 30.00 shipped. Can you either send me an e-mail at [email protected] or call me at 309-428-9522 and let me know what you will take for both of those items shipped . Thanks
  8. hello i was curious if you still had the engine harness ? If so please email me at [email protected] with location and how much it will be total with shipping. Thanks
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