5.0 "engine tick"

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  1. I remember reading about this back in 2011, but haven't heard so much about it recently. Something about some kind of additive in the oil during break-in, and most of the people who had the issue got it when they changed oil early the first time. Most had it go away once it got more broken in.

    I've never heard this on my 2011 5.0.
  2. Just add exhaust. Problem fixed.
  3. Welcome to the forum, vreference! My name is Deysha with Ford Service. You should have your dealer check it out as soon as possible. I’d also like to get it escalated to the customer service manager for your area so we can help. Please, PM me with your dealer, mileage, VIN, full name, and best daytime number.

  4. Could it be leaky exhaust manifold gaskets? or more likely at the flange of the manifold where it bolts to the h-pipe? When I replaced my 06's manifolds with BBK shorty headers, the stock h-pipe didn't mount very well and wasn't quite sealed, and I got that tick that I would've swore was the valve train if I didn't know it was the headers. BTW, I've heard the lifter tick before on other engines so I know what it sounds like, but the manifold tick was just like it.
  5. I've also heard this tick. I have about 50k on mine.. Usually heard after driving for a while, but only heard at idle. I'll be taking it in for service next week.
  6. I have 36k on my 2011 coyote and it has had a "tick" since about 7,500. I keep an eye on it and it hasn't increased nor decreased, and tends to be a little louder on hot days than cold, but ive noticed the new 5.0s are a little louder on engine noise than the old 4.6s and such. My "tick" isnt nearly bad enough to be a lifter or phaser, but it is noticable by me. Nobody else around the track and out at meets and such has noticed it... (I used to build the 4.6s fyi) It is hard to know without a video or to hear it ourselves
  7. Hello ekopel,

    Welcome to the forum! My name is Deysha with Ford Service. You should have your dealer check it out. Your service manager is in the best position to let you know if there is any work needed, coverages, recalls, or any assistance available.

    Also, remember repairs done at a Ford Dealer come with a 24 months/unlimited miles warranty. Let me know the outcome.

  8. This is the famous Ford Modular Motor Tick. It generally will happen to all Ford cars and trucks with these modular motors. Also, depending on how loud the supposed tick is, it is sometimes confused with the injectors. This is nothing to worry about. It shouldn't be extremely loud though, I can hear it in my o5 GT and its not that loud, also my 2004 Ford F150 did the same and my dads 2002 F150 as well. Ive heard of some people getting them to quiet down more with going to a different brand of oil but have not tried this yet myself. Again, its nothing to worry about, but keep in mind the ticking should not be very loud.
  9. I have a 2013 Mustang 5.0. I went to the dealership here in San Diego for an oil change at 12K miles they used 8qts of 5W30 synthetic blend according to the paperwork. I bought the car 18 months ago brand new from this dealership. I got down the street and came to a stop light and heard a metal ticking sound that has never been there before. I took it right back and my service advisor heard it too. He started to hint that I would have to pay for a rental and I about came unglued. So he gave me one once I asked to speak to the service manager. This all happened June 16th 2014. Next day was pretty much they didn't know what was wrong so they awaited the Ford hotline call as to what to do. They replace the A/C compressor and that was not it and the sound came back.

    I called Ford motor CO. to tell them my frustration they said someone would call me Thursday the 19th....today is Friday and nobody from Ford Motor has called me. This morning I get a call from my advisor and he states they Ford help line wants to replace the short block of the engine as there have been prior issues with the 5.0's and this SHOULD fix the problem and may even be upgraded. First of all why isn't a FORD engineer or someone that knows about the issue come and listen to the car instead of over the phone and what may or may NOT work like the A/C compressor? The service advisor said the new short block is coming from Detroit and it should be here within a week and will take 2 days to change it out. So that is 2 and a 1/2 weeks without my car hoping that it will get fixed. I called Ford Motor Co. again today with my confirmation # CAS4580353 since they cannot call me back and brought to their attention that if they are using my car as a science experiment over the phone that I want an entire new engine since this is a new car and it happened at the dealership after an oil change. They said someone should call me by Monday. How long do I have to play this game? I smell a lemon!
  11. Thank you for looping me in on this forum as well, STANG2013! I checked on your case and saw your CSM contacted you on Friday about this. If you’d like I can update it with the info from your previous post. Let me know.

  12. My car was suppposed to be ready at the end of the day yesterday and then they called and said looks like tomorrow at the end of the day. Just got a call from Kearny Pearson Ford here is San Diego where my car is and they said.......yes you guessed right we are shooting for the end of tomorrow. What the #^$^#$^& GIVE ME BACK MY CAR OR GIVE ME A BRAND NEW ONE ITS BEEN OVER 2 WEEKS this is BS!