5.0 heads flow charts

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  1. anybody have a flow chart for the aftermarket 5.0 heads?
  2. In the past few months issues of MM&FF there has been a thing on head tests of stock E7, for a basline, and then they flow tested like 10 other heads. I don't remember the exact months or the head brands. I don't have the magazines here with me. They might have something on their site. I'll go look. gl
  3. MM&FF's Ultimate Guide to Cylinder Heads, Part 4
    Dyno testing the Group 2 cylinder heads. thats what's in this months issue of MM&FF magazine.
  4. sheesh, there is no way in the world I can decide. I want 1.94 in & 1.60 ex. but there is no way in the world I will be able to decide with all those. edelbrock victors too large of an in (2.125) or ebrock victors jrs (2.05) are too large. I am looking at trick flow also, but they seem too large also? what heads can i get a good bang for my buck and not be too large also?

    also, what are the pros and cons of aluminum or cast iron?
  5. Heads...

    Wow... killer side by side site!! :nice:

    For help on heads... make sure you know where you want to be in performance, and be real with your est!! 300+ FWHP is do able on ported stock heads... more depending on the work and the engine combo. The bigger the valves the more P/V issues and cam duration issues, stock pistons vs aftermarket... power adders vs N/A see what I mean?? Why spend a bazillion and turn the engine to 5k?? or have a 218* duration cam?? or 3.25 gears... all that size will give is killer looks and 3 cars behind the guy that has high velocity heads making power on the low to mid...Cool?? Remember ..." it isnt what you have but how you use it!!" A set of ported E7s are 10% lighter than GT40s and will allow 12s or better... just where do you want to be??? Cool??

    Just me......................

  6. looking for aluminums, I've got a set of Edelbroks and a set of TFS track heats up for sale. $900 takes either set.
  7. gadzooks, thats is a god deal. but my thing is I want to see the st of heads physically before I put any cash out. Not that I think you are trying to pull something on me, but its just me trying to be safe.
    great deal though..

    one question, what is the difference of aluminum and cast iron heads? is this just lightness or does this have to do with the life expectancy of the heads?
  8. Where you located? I would gladly let you look them over if you were seriously interested.
  9. London, ontario Canada. A little too far to travel I am sure. Wouldnt mind a nice set of used heads. Too bad we arent closer
  10. I could be seriously interested in the Edelbrock heads... I'm in Atlanta, Ga, do you have any pics?
  11. are you sure ported E7s can get me into the 12s? what about a supercharger from a s/c engine? would it be able to handle that also. I dont want to get all these parts I am buying and only have the ability to run mid-high 13s at best.
  12. " only have the ability to run mid-high 13s at best." That a good point !! the ported heads allow the flow and velocity for the 12s!! Cam , induction, fuel, suspension, blah...blah... wont put you in the 12s with AFRs and a blower.... If it isnt right or at least close to being right!! Cool??

    92 5.0 Hatch w/5 speed
    Stock GT40s and Turbo
    Thumper PORTED GT40s and no other bolt on made

    '90 5.0 Hatch w/4 speed Toploader
    Stock E7s and stock cam
    Thumper PORTED E7s and B cam installed 2* advanced
    12.48 @ 108 mph

    '93 LX 5.0 5 speed
    stock E7s B cam (3.55 gears)
    Thumper Ported E7s w/1.7s (3.55 gears)4* advanced on Cam
    12.80 @ 106 mph

    '91 GT AOD 5.0
    Thumper Ported E7s and AOD w/3500 stall TFS1 Cam 4* advanced
    Edlebrock Performer 5.0 out of the box
    (Example of Ported vs buying)

    Plus a lot more... but to say "you will" is not the same as saying "you can" cool?? There is no way to know your engine and suspension and driving skills... see what I mean?? BUT.. the Heads will allow power for the 12s and faster with power adders!!

    Just me.................................

  13. Aluminum are lighter and disipate heat better so you can run a little more timing. Exact same head except one in iron & one in aluminum the iron head will make more power becuase it holds in more heat leading to more efficient burn. BUT aluminum heads are newer designs than most irons out there and they just flow more air so end making more power when you have all the other bolt ons.

    First motor I had had all the bolt ons with B303 and ported stock heads (1.94 x 1.6 vlvs) then swapped just heads for a set of TWs...significant improvement across entire rpm range.