5.0 into 1978 Mustang Help

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  1. Hi everyone, Newbie here. Need a little help with the following project. I would like to put a 1990 5.0 with AOD transmission into 1978 Mustang. The '78 is a stock V8 car.
    I know I'll need to change the following:
    - oil pan and pickup
    - radiator
    - electric fuel pump
    - driveshaft

    Is there anything else that I should know? I'm gonna make the '90 5.0 motor carbed. Also I am gonna keep the stock '90 serpentine setup.
    Will this setup fit/work in the '78 Mustang?
    will headers be a problem?
    Will a Lokar cable work the transmission?
    Please send any relavent info my way. Thanks.
  2. 302 portion is easy. Replace the pan do something to the timing cover so you can move the dipstick to the front.

    Ok first off, exhaust is going to be a problem. Headers are a lot of work getting to fit with the AOD in the II. I made a set fit with the 351 and an AOD but it is extremely tight. The windors extra width probably helped me a little I'm sure. But also remember the AOD pan is roughly 2x as wide as the C4, so room in the tunnel for exhaust will be at a preimum.

    Next the transmission crossmember must be moved about 2" to the rear. There are a number of methods to do this. I have shown what I did to move mine back here: http://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/784590-aod-installed.html

    The AOD Bell is huge the top of the firewall just to the rear of that verticle portion must be clearenced, pick your method, hammer, or cut and reform the metal.

    The LOKAR cable will work perfect, I am using it with no problems.

    The shifter will require some work, I used parts from a fox body shifter (84-86) and place them in the II shifter housing and use a cable to shift. there are other ways but this worked for me with J-yard parts.

    Any other questions let me know I'm more than happy to share the knowledge.

  3. Sorry I looked at that old thread and a lot of the picture links don't work since I left my website go. Let me know and I will send you the pictures or get the links working again.