5.0 Manual Steering Rack Conversion Help

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  1. I have a 91 5.o motor and bought a flaming river manual steering rack with a manual steering shaft and im wondering how the heck to delete the power steering pump now? or is there a bracket that i can make? any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated
  2. What accessories will you be running on your engine? The pump can simply be removed from it's bracket once you remove the pulley. Autozone rents the tool to do this. Then you can run the belt to the A/C pulley.

    If you don't have A/C, you'll need to buy an accessory mount kit for the Alternator and run the belt for the crank, water pump and alt.

    I assume you don't have smog or A/C?
  3. yes i have a a/c in it , and a smog pump delete in which there is just a bracket with a pulley on it , so i just use the power steering bracket and pulley without the pump atatched and this way it acts like a delete right
  4. On a foxbody, that should be an easy fix. You just remove the power steering pump, buy a shorter belt, and run it directly from the crank to the A/C Compressor. Slightly more complicated on an SN, but not much.

  5. You can also delete the smog pump delete pulley as well. It's only needed for certain supercharger installs.

    Simply rent the ford power steering pulley tool from autozone. Remove the pulley. Then three bolts will take the pump off the bracket.

    You'll need to run a piece of string to measure for the new belt. There is a different routing to remove the smog pimp as well

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  6. Run the belt like shown by the red belt. You'll need to use string to measure if you have under drives


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  7. I am a little curious as to why your phone corrects pump to pimp... But part of me is afraid to ask
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  8. When you rent the tool, don't be an *******. Spray some WD40 on the threads so they aren't all torn up for the next guy.

  9. thank you for that you saved me alot of guessing and troubleshooting! you are the man
  10. It's a company phone too. :)

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  11. ok well im actually deleting my a/c pump my power steering pump and my smog pump now , so does anybody have any lengths for the belt on this setup?
  12. check the link I posted, its all in there.

    I used a reverse rotation waterpump so I could just run the WP and alt, don't remember the belt size though.
  13. hmm so im using a ford racing reverse rotation water pump, and im only running the alt, water pump, and crank and stock belt tensioner, will i need a standard rotation water pump? or is it fine the way it is and im still trying to figure out how to download pics onto site so u can see my setup so bear with me on this . Thanks for your help on this issue also
  14. Well I meant reverse of whatever way it spins now. I still have the pump (I think) and can send it to you if you cover shipping. I've got no use for it if you want/need it. I wanna say it came from a Mark VII. Has a pulley too, the snout is a different size and this one was drilled to fit.
  15. ok so the only way is to go with that pump on the setup i have? and i will cover shipping to buy it from you
  16. heres a picture of my setup

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  17. ok if you still have it lying around i can definitely use it and will cover shipping from you also here is a pic of my setup for you so u have an idea of what im running

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  18. Should work, I'll look when I get home to see if I still have it and will PM you.
  19. sweet thanks for your time