Expired 5.0 Mustang Engine and Transmission on a rolling chassis

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  1. Glendale, CA

    $2500 obo

    Engine Specs (part # M6007XB3)
    - Roughly 35,000 miles
    - Bore: 4.0
    - Stroke: 3.0
    - Displacement: 302 CID
    - Nominal Compression Ratio: 9.0:1
    - Block Height: 8.206
    - Piston to Deck: .0075 below to .0135 above
    - Camshaft: (Hydraulic Roller)
    - Maximum Valve Lift .480
    - Duration at .050 lift 224
    - Intake Centerline 107
    - Lifters: Current production
    - Valves: M-6007-B50/B51/XB3/XE3
    - Valve Springs: M-6513-A50
    - Rocker Arms: Current Production 5.0L GT
    - Combustion Chamber Volume: M-6007-B50/B51/XB3/XE3

    Tremec transmission
    - driven less than 50 miles since rebuild
    - new clutch

    Additional Parts
    - Cobra Upper and Lower Intake Manifold
    - Edlebrock High-flow Water Pump
    - 3 Row Aluminum Radiator
    - Bilstein shocks
    - Bassani x pipe
    - Flow-master Exhaust
    - Rollerrockers
    - aluminum driveshaft
    - 3.73 gears
    - Cobra R wheels
  2. What kind of rolling chassis? No interior I assume?
  3. Interior is all there. Body is not in the greatest condition though.
  4. How rough is the body?
  5. The section between the hood and the windsheild is dented. The front spoiler is messed up and the rear torque box needs to be repaired because its cracked. If you are interested in this vehicle what you are buying is everything to put into a shell: engine, tranny, and additional parts from the car.
  6. I may be a bit confused, you are selling everything but the rolling chassis? Pics of what you're selling would be great. Thanks
  7. Sorry for not being clear. You are getting the entire car, but what your really paying for is the engine, tranny, and additional parts from the car.

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  8. I gotcha now, heck I could probably get that front end looking decent while using my car as a parts car.
  9. Please post item location per forum guidelines.

  10. Glendale, Ca
  11. Still interested?
  12. Probably not
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