5.0 mustang gt?

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  1. i would like to know some details about installin a mustang 5.0 gt body kit to my LX...would i have to do some drillin/weldin/ or somethin like that or just bolt on???
  2. mr. woodster, who is a long time member with over 1,000 posts to his credit, installed a GT front end on his car. I found the original thread on page 6 of the archives but the pics are gone. I imagine he installed the entire body kit, looked real nice. Hopefully he will see this thread and offer you some help.
  3. the front Clip and side skirts (infront of the front tires) go on without a hitch, bolt holes and all.
    The side skirts that run under the door and the rear bumper (not my cup of tea) i have not done. I plan to go a little more mix and match.

    keep in mind the actual fiberglass bumper from the get has brackets and holes drilled for those brackets for the fog light assembly. So if you do a swap, do it all.

    Front clip + head lamp support +bumper and side skirts.

    Ps: you will have to remove the stock lx skirts mounted on the low of the front fenders in order to get the GT skirts to fit. No biggy.


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  4. how much was that front end???? aftermarket???
  5. i got the front clip (bumper cover,bumper,fog light brackets,headlamp buckets) for less than 100$. payed another 15$ or so for the side skirts. online the GT front cover goes for 140$ new...just the cover.
  6. thanks mr.woodster...that helps me a lot....and also, I was thinkin of Cervini Stalker front bumper with 5.0 Mustang GT body kit for side and rear...what ya think??? thanks