5.0 or 302 emblem?

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  1. I've seen a 302 emblem on the side of the sn95's once, and never again. I want people to know that i have the WONDERFULL 302 / 5.0, but do you guys think i should keep trying to get this 302 emblem, or take a 5.0 one off of a used fox? It would only be replacing the GT Mustang emblem on the side that is currently there. Also, do you guys have any pictures of either? THANKS!
  2. I say keep the gt mustang. if you know anything about mustangs that there says it's a 302. the 94-95 were the only years that offered the gt mustang badging, 96 they changed to GT 4.6L.
  3. This is the one i have on mine...

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  4. I can't read what it says below 302.
  5. i may be biased, but i love the 5.0 badge, but i love it on fox mustangs. i think the shape of the 5.0 badge the the rectangular 302 badges don't flow well with a sn95. the gt badge fits the car nicely, and like sc302 said, anyone that knows mustangs, knows you have a 5.0.
    the gt blends nicely, where, in my eyes at least, a "5.0" or large "302" badge stands out too much
  6. I like the 302 badging it adds a nice touch to the fender.
    I haven't seen one for a 393 thou has anybody else?
  7. if you go with the 5.0 badge theres going to be a hole showing between the 5 and the 0 (right about the . in 5.0) so you'll need to cover that with something
  8. Whatever happend to the badges that said 302 in zig-zaggy-cursive kinda letters? Hard to describe, but I thought I remembered liking those when they came out. Maybe not, I'd have to see one again...

  9. this the one your talking about? 51_1.JPG

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  10. Not exactly, but close. I like that one (as long as it isn't too big).


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  11. RIO5.0 where did you find yours? It looks great!
  12. Yes, those! I kinda like them.


  13. They look bad on his car but that pic on the website makes them look cheap. Do those not screw in either? It says they are stick on, do they stay put well?
  14. :OT: Hey 955.0HO, got any more pics of your car? I was debating on either getting a saleen body kit or save a bunch of money and get a cobra front bumper. I was leaning a little toward the saleen kit but after seeing that angle of you car I like the way the cobra bumper looks. Thanks.
  15. i LOVE RIO's badges...those are the coolest ones out....i wish they made em in 331 High Performance for when i do the 331...guess ill have to settle for the 5.4 badges
  16. I put the Tri-bar pony badges (V6) on mine. I think they look classy. A few people have fallen for it.. :D
  17. Hehe...
  18. I have those on my car and also had them on my previous 94, and I never had any problems with them sticking. The adhesive LOOKS like the high quality 3M stuff as it's black, thin, and with the green backing. But it could be something else.

    Just make sure that you clean the paint well and remove the wax before sticking them on.