5.0 spindles

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  1. I just got done putting '91 5.0 spindles and brakes on the front of my '88 2.3 Mustang.
    Now I can tell that the tires are toed way in. I didnt think that there would be such a drastic difference in the two spindles but apparently there is!
    Has anyone else run into this problem??
  2. Have you had an alignment done?
  3. I did it years ago but didn't have that problem. I think it may depend on what year spindles you use.
  4. No, I havent got it out of the garage yet to do that.
    I now have a second problem. The brake pedal keeps going to the floor. I'm pretty sure that I just need to rebleed all the brakes. Has anyone else done this and not changed the power brake booster without issues??
  6. Well I rebled the brakes and they are fine now without changing the booster.
    All is good again.
  7. Good job :)

    Always nice when things work like they are supposed to!