5.0 Swap 92 Fox

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  1. Hey hey..im kind of new to the mustang world so I'm looking for some advice/tips.
    I have a 92 mustang...it came with the 2.3l engine...but I just picked up a 5.0 ho that I got in good condition. The guy I got it from pulled it from a Lincoln mark 7 which was his old car.
    I know I still need the t5 5 speed transmission, torque converter, bell housing and wiring harness. Everything else is still there.
    What else should I change out on it?
    Any input is welcome. Thanks:flag:

  2. probably need a drive shaft depending on which trans you have now. fuel lines are on the wrong side in the 4cyl, so you will need 5.0 fuel lines. brake lines will interfere with passenger side dual exhaust, need whole line or bend and extend the existing ones. 7.5 axle wont live long (stock 4 cyl) need double hump cross member for dual exhaust and to properly locate the transmission mount. motor mounts.

    your brakes will suck, but not completely necessary I suppose - to do it right you would need the booster and all the front suspension from a v8 car. 4 cyl cluster tach will read wrong. headlight harness wont reach the new alternator. much of the vacuum lines might need some tweaking. and the power steering will probably have to be sorted out.

    you really need a donor v8 car from which to scab parts.
  3. Hmm ok..ill have to keep in touch with the junk yard then..