5.0 Swap 92 Notch 2.3

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  1. Alright so I've pretty much done everything I can think of to my 92 coupe over the last couple years. I believe it is now finally time to drop a v8 in it.

    92 2.3L Coupe

    *Orig. Automatic - Has a T5 in it now, 98 Mustang Drive Shaft, 3.73 Gears, Bronco 2 5lug Axels, 95 Mustang 5lug Spindles, Lowering Springs, New Struts & Shocks

    *Semi-Built Motor - Cammed, Racing Springs, Ported & Polished Head, New Oil Rings, All New Seals, Ranger Header, No Cat. Straight Pipe Till Flowmaster Muffler Then Hideaway Out Rear, Cold Air Intake

    *New Tires - 17inch 5lug Cobra R's, 245/24ZR17

    *Interior - Clean Black Interior, 3000GT Bucket Seats, 140MPH Reverse Glow Gauges, Pioneer Head Unit, New Heater Core, Trunk Battery Relocation

    *Exterior - Orig. Red Paint, Painted Metallic Silver About 3 Years Ago, 3 Hoods, Orig. Hood, 2inch Cowl & 4inch Cowl, Modified Front Bumper, 1 Piece Headlights, 10k HIDS

    A Little History:

    Started Like This:



    Then this:

    Motor Swap:


    How it sits now:





    Now for some questions. Not to sure where to start...I plan on pulling a motor from either a 5.0 explorer, a 5.0 f150, or a newer body mustang from LKQ. I plan on rebuilding the motor mostly. But what is the best way to go? What is the easiest way with the quickest time and most direct swap? I know I need the complete motor its self, a bell housing to fit my t5, flywheel, clutch, computer, and some of the wiring harness? Can some one list the exact parts need for this swap? I very seriously doubt there is a full 87-93 5.0 mustang sitting up there for the easiest swap ever so im going with any other 5.0 ford I can find.
  2. Looks way better, glad you got rid of those tail lights haha. I would do the Explorer. The F150 is a non ho so I wouldn't even waste your time. With the Explorer 5.0 you get the better heads and intake manifold. You will need to upgrade the valve springs and buy a different cam as well but that is the best out of the 3 you mentioned to get. You could shop the classifieds or ebay for the wiring harnesses. Just be sure to get the right one as they did change throughout the years. I don't remember off the top of my head which one you would need for a 92. The bell housing you will have to get from a junkyard or online/classifieds as well. You can go to www.50resto.com to get stuff like the flywheel, clutch and any other small stuff you may need for the swap such as the sensors and other misc.
  3. If your T-5 is a 4-cyl variety, you might want to consider changing to a v8 T-5.

    Also, you didn't mention if you already had a 8.8 rear axle or modded your original 7.5"

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  4. Whats the differences between the v8 t5 and the 4cyl t5?
    Rear end is a 7.5 modified
  5. The gear ratios are different, also the v8 one is rated to handle more torque.
  6. Is it completely necessary to change the rear end and tranny at this time or will it be ok as long as im not giving it hell? Im on a little budget right now and waiting on my tax returns.
  7. You'll be ok for getting it up and running, but those are two items you will definitely want to revisit in the future.

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  8. i have seen complete 5.0 mustang engines and trans for sale on craigslist. quite a few actually. and rear ends. motors were right around 300 bucks. this is in michigan though...
  9. Car looks nice man-Welcome to StangNet.

    I'm with Nick on this one, an Explorer engine swap would probably be right up your alley; might wanna upgrade valvesprings thoug if you go with a better cam. Unless I'm looking at the plates wrong, you're in SC? You might consider calling up MPS down in GA. They have tons of fox Mustang stuff...or like jcgafford mentioned, CL might have some stuff in your area. Also like 5L5 said, you'll want to look into getting an 8.8" for any kind of punishment. I used a 7.5" for a few years with an Auburn diff after my factory trac-loc spit out it's spider gears. The Auburn unit worked great-took plenty of beating, but it would only be a matter of time before a 5.0 spit it out again. The 4 cylinder T5s also have a different pilot shaft diameter from what I recall, so you'd need a different one but it too would be torn up after some time behind a 5.0.

    Not to try and change your mind, but have you thought about going with a turbo 4 setup?? The 2.3 can make some serious power under boost...and better mileage-total sleeper package man.
  10. Explorer is prob what im going to end up going with. Whats the best bet on finding a t5 thatll bolt to the explorer motor? is the block the exact same as the 5.0 mustang block? Any luck the explorer rear end will be 8.8 and fit under my car?

    I thought about it but Ive had bad luck in the last few years with turbo motors. Have had 2 turbo eclipses (Gst & Gsx) and a turbo GSX-R 600 and have blew the motors in the bike & gst and the gsx was just a constant money pit :(
  11. Since this is a common swap topic, see http://forums.stangnet.com/showthread.php?t=516785 for some excellent help.

    You'll be best off finding a wrecked 5.0 87-93 Mustang to use as a parts car. There are so many small items that you would not think of that are different. A rolling wreck is the best choice and ends up being a money saver since you don't have to keep going back and forth to the junkyard. When you can buy one from the insurance company, the cost can be as little as $250 for a complete car.
  12. The explorer 8.8 won't directly bolt into a Mustang, scour the web for a T5 with bellhousing...

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  13. The block is the same as any other 5.0 block in regard to accessory mounts and such, so finding parts isn't really an issue. That sucks for the bad luck with past turbo engines. I don't have the experience with them, but I know of a few folks that do well with 2.3s...
  14. I am doing the same thing. I bought a 93 Coupe, reef blue, original 2.3 car and 5 speed. I am swapping the complete drivetrain from my 88GT. I know I will need to get the engine harness, but everything else should swap right over.
  15. Keep in mind if you go the Exploder route, keep in mind they wear a different cylinder head than the Mustang. The GT-40P head is standard issue on them all and requires you to buy a GT-40P header. Sparkplugs are at a weird angle, this limits your choices of headers and because they are limited production, Gt-40P headers for Mustangs tend to be more expensive. I like the idea of buying a wrecked 5.0 Mustang to save lots of headaches for you. This way you can use Computer, wiring, AC + P/S brackets, radiator (try to find one hit in the rear), larger front disc brakes, swaybars (if they aren't tweaked that is). The T-5 has a different input shaft and will NOT match up with the 5.0 clutch, bellhousing bolt pattern is also different. 4 cyl. cars use 9" clutch, 5.0 10.5" completely non-interchangable. The 7.5" will last long enough to drive somewhere to buy an 8.8" rearend. ;-) If you plan on any spirited driving at all. Which it sounds like you do, otherwise why bother with the 5.0, RIGHT... For chassis and power building ideas check out my blog at http://www.bestracingtips.com
  16. What about thunderbird 5.0 swaps? Everything from a thunderbird fit the mustang?
  17. If you get stuff from an 81-88 yes, but they were SD cars, not MA. The newer gen 'birds have the same accessory mounting setup as a 94-95 Mustang...more compact, and a PITA to work around...then again, I'm biased. After messing around with a '95 Cobra for three years or so, I really got sick of those big heavy accessory brackets.
  18. Also t-birds are NON-HO motors (non-roller cam, cast pistons,etc.), more power available, better cam selections with the HO. You can buy a roller cam and lifters that will work in a non-HO block, but once again it's more expensive. The money you save on buying the motor initially is more than offset by the added cost of modding it. Best to stick with the Stang stuff, way less trouble and ($$$) for you. There are plenty of 5.0 HO motors out there to be had, be patient and keep looking. Posting on various Mustang sites that you are looking for a 5.0 HO AND T5 is a good place to begin. You may even get lucky and find one that's already been modded, again saving you a ton of money.
  19. Color Im going for after 5.0 swap is complete.
    cstang5's Mustang


    My CBR is close to the same color
  20. Nice choice...