5.0 Swap 92 Notch 2.3

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  1. What am i looking at to having my 4cyl t5 bot up to the 302? I know ill need the bellhousing/fork, clutch kit, flywheel. What exactly do i need to make the pilot bearing match up? Anyone got some links to like advance auto parts or the part number for what im needing?
  2. Went and got the other valve cover to match

  3. Nice, looking forward to seeing this thing run.
  4. You gonna rock the stock headers for right now? I might just know where a set of full lengths with h-pipe are...just sayin
  5. How much $ we talking?
  6. cost of shipping...I just gotta find a box big enough...if you're interested. Ballpark would probably be $50-$60...

    They're MAC brand headers...they're not pretty, but they worked with no issues for about 12 years. After initial fitment, the only issue I ever had with it was the steering shaft would touch one of the primaries when the wheel was in a certain position. I did some prying on it a little bit, no damage to the pipe, and the problem cleared up after that. The h pipe is an off road, the air inject tube has been pinched and welded shut.

    If you're interested, shoot me a pm...
  7. Flywheel I gotta take to NAPA Monday to have resurfaced

    Modified automatic transmission plate to fit my starter

    83 2.2l diesel ranger pilot bearing

    t5 bellhousing
  8. 8.8 rear end out


    Im not to familiar with the tag numbers...
    3L27 880B06
    What do they mean? (numbers on little tag on rear end)
  9. I see 3.27 gearset...that's about all I know that really matters. And I suspect it should be a limited slip diff...sweet deal man
  10. I just noticed the sway bars are mounted differently-you can either fab something up for this, or you can swap your own back on there. Also, you'll probably have to modify a couple things in your e-brake handle if you want to run the discs...if that's what you had in mind. If not, you can swap all your axles, drums, etc from your 7.5" and hold onto the rear disc stuff for later.
  11. How the Mark VII is looking



    Still some parts I gotta get from it

    How my cars looking
    Was gonna finish the body work first but figured Id wait till after the motor was in. Be my luck I have the body smooth and painted and the chain hoist or somthing break and scratch the car up so ima wait lol
  12. I'm still tossing back and forth what I want to do with that...I'll probably paint the engine bay silver before I drop in the engine, but I know I'm gonna dink it up a few times...and then do the body after I finish the engine. Hell, it's been primer for over a decade now...no sense in rushing it :rolleyes:
  13. I take my time on the body work and paint usually. Took me about a month last time to do all the body work and paint it. May be a little longer this time. I'll have the motor in, in no time though, I have to its my daily driver lol
  14. Totally understood-just take it easy on that little 4 banger T5...
  15. 7.5 out


    Everything to go in the 8.8

    Stripped 7.5
  16. Maybe I am just not seeing it, but is the vacuum tree the same on the lincoln as the 5.0 fox? Also, did the lincoln have the vacuum resevoirs under the passenger fender too? Just food for thought if you havent got those yet.
  17. I have it all, I had already removed it all before I took the pics. Theres two vacuum trees on the mark vii and im assuming the reservoirs are the sphere shaped plastic things i removed from under the fender

    I got the 8.8 in today but lacked taking pics...Ill get some tomorrow when I bleed the brakes
  18. Got the 8.8 in and the v8 springs, can really tell a difference

  19. $25 for the flywheel being turned
  20. For anyone that ever wanted to put a 8.8 in there mustang that has a 7.5 and wasnt sure what rear end to use. I recommend the 8.8 from a lincoln mark vii View attachment 154048 "The LSC and BillBass model Mark VIIs all come with a 8.8 with a 3.27 LSD rear end"

    The actual rear end is the exact same as the mustang, the housing is the exact same length same bolt spots and everything. Just the axles were about an inch longer so the wheels would stick out a little further so I just took the 5lug axles (bronco 2 axles, same length as the stock 4lug mustangs) from my 7.5 and stuck them in the 8.8, there you go exact same length as the 7.5 with the axles. The brake lines were different on the 8.8, the lines ran up the driver side so I removed the lines from my 7.5 since they run up the passenger side and put them on the 8.8 (does require re-bending the lines in some areas). The rear control arms from the lincoln are alot stiffer and made from a thicker grade metal then the mustangs but there the exact same other then that. The coil springs and shocks are the same as well. The bolt holes that hold on the disk brake stuff are the exact same as the bolt holes that hold on the drum brakes so there interchangeable