5.0 swap drive shaft too long

Discussion in 'Fox Engine Swaparoo' started by mtw002, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Ok so i've been converting a 89 4cyl auto car to a 5.0 manual. I've got the whole swap done minus the drive shaft. The car starts, and i've also swapped the 8.8 in. I've read that you can use AOD, 4cyl and 8cyl t5 ds. I've tried 5.0 AOD shaft and i just picked up a 4cyl t5 trans ds. Both are which are too long. The auto 4cyl shaft is the right lenght but as you all know the U-joints are different. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I performed a 5.0/t-5 swap into a 4/aod car several years ago...we just used a standard 5.0 (T5)driveshaft and everything lined up with no issues...at all. The driveshaft end yoke is the same amongst all models 79-93, and I'm pretty sure unless you swapped to a 31 spline tranny yoke, the front yoke is the same. If it's not seating all the way into the tranny, then you may have a different issue.

    The driveshaft originally in the car did fit with no issues, but we had a 5.0 driveshaft available, so why bother with the 4 cylinder version?
  3. my driveline was bent and we tried a auto one it didnt work it was the same length but wouldnt slide in the t5 all the way, u joints were different too, i had to get a 5.0 t5 one