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  1. If I get this...

    2.3 to SBF Bellhousing Adapter Plate
    This billet aluminum plate converts any Ford 2.3L OHC engine to the small-block Ford bellhousing bolt pattern. This allows 2.3 owners to run the larger 5.0 Mustang clutch components, T-45, T-56, and other manual transmissions, as well as any of the automatic transmissions available for small block Fords. Adapter use in manual transmission applications will require the use of a zero balance small-block Ford flywheel with a 2.3 crank bolt pattern (also available). Includes all hardware shown, as well as an instruction sheet.
    Price: $200 Shipped

    ...does this mean I can use a 5.0 T5? Would a 5.0 T5 be too much for the 2.3? Is there any difference between a 5.0 and 2.3 T5 besides how they attach to the engines, like gearing for instance? I've recently come accrossed money and want to convert my '91 auto to T5 manual.
  2. The gearing is slightly different on the V8 transmissions, and actual ratios vary depending on which specific transmission you get.
    Here is a site that has a chart of the available T-5 transmissions.

    Personally, if you're running a stock 2.3L you're wasting your money getting all the V8 parts to slap on your car, you can do the swap with the proper 2.3L parts for a fraction of the price. If I remember correctly, the 2.3L transmission from 87 and up are World Class boxes the same as the V8 ones.
  3. thanks

    The reason I was even thinking of a 5.0 T5 was that I could easily buy a new one from Ford Racing. But since they're different I'll steer away from that now. I'll have to painstakingly search for a 2.3L T5. Ugh. But now I know. It would be nice to find a SVO T5 as I'm planing to go turbo eventually. Thanks
  4. Any of the later 2.3L WC T-5's should stand up just fine behind a 2.3L turbo. I'm running a 1990 2.3L WC T-5 behind my 2.3L turbo engine with a Turbo flywheel and Centreforce clutch and it's just fine.
  5. The 2.3 Tranny's are pretty stout. I had a turbcoupe tranny behind my 351w, and ran it extremely hard, for 7 months before breaking 3rd gear. No powershifting, just a whole lot of hurt between shifts.

    The transmission bolted up to the 5.0 bellhousing, so the other way around should work. Your only main difference is your pilot bearing. No idea on what to do there. I imagine you could swap input shafts of the 2.3 over to the 5.0 t5 and it would be a direct bolt on!