Found 5.0 Throttle body..

Discussion in 'Fox WTB/Trade Cars & Parts' started by FoxatHeart, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. This girl can't find a used throttle body for my '87 GT anywhere close by! :(

    Return spring is busted and I really want to drive my car..

    Did you upgrade and have the old one still around??
    Not looking to upgrade at this time, budget isn't in the green for that quite yet.. (Unless you wanna part with a better one cheap ;)
    Original is all I really need.

    Thanks guys! :)
  2. Won't have mine handy for a while yet, but you could always rig up some sort of secondary return spring in the mean time?
  3. I might have one lying around here. I'll check when I get back to the house.
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  4. I'm not quite that ninja! Lol
  5. Chit just use a spring from a clothes pin
  6. I dunno what you're thinking. But that's a BIG spring! I'm pretty sure a clothespin won't get that job done!
  7. Thank you! I appreciate it! :nice:
  8. It was a joke dude hahaha
  9. Dude?? Cute honey, but there isn't a "dude" here! ;)
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  10. Shabang! Shut the front door!
  11. My bad lol so used to it being a dude ;)
  12. I looked in the spot where I thought I had a spare. Only one I found was a 75mm PP. It's one that sticks at WOT (read: paper weight that I wouldn't wish on my enemies). I'll keep an eye out though. I thought for sure that I had an OEM TB stashed someplace for troubleshooting.
  13. Thanks for taking a peek!

    I'll probably go with 65mm later.. But that'll come with Flo's, 2 in exhaust, CAI and possibly nixing cats.. I need some rumble! Right now I'm just having T5 withdrawal. Lol
    Its so bad that I got 4k rpm on start up 2 weeks ago and I promptly shut her off and left her alone! I'm sad! Haha
  14. Got a stock one from my 93 gt, throttle body and spacer plate, will that work on your car?
  15. Yes it should. Could you possibly shoot me a pic or 2? Price?

  16. sure, pm me your email and i just took two pictures i can send you. I have the throttle body, spacer egr plate and new gasket set. I would say $70 plus shipping for all of it is fair. I would guess no more than $15 for shipping.
  17. No junk yards near you Foxatheart? I've picked them up for around $20 before.
  18. Junk yards everywhere. No one has anything. I've called them all.. This area sucks!
    I bought my car and all the other parts I've bought for it so far all down state. 2 hrs one way.. cost me more in gas than the part would be if I could find one down there. :/
  19. Got a buddy nearby with a welder? Pretty much any Ford car of that era (Crown Vic, Lincoln, Marquis, late-80's Thunderbird/Cougar) with an SEFI V8 will share the same style throttle body. They might be a smaller diameter than the stock 60mm, but the spring should be the same for all of them. Shouldn't be any harder than grinding off the spot weld at the armature that the throttle/TV cable bolts to, changing the spring and welding it back on?

    You'll probably get it cheaper from one of them than you would a throttle body from a Mustang IMO. Wrecking yards often hear the word "Mustang" and the price goes up.
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  20. Sent you a msg.. get back to me when you can.. sounds fair! :) Thanks
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