5.0 to v6 swap?

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  1. My brother is looking at buying a 95 5spd v6. He has a 95 cobra 5spd to use as a doner car for the swap. Should the motor, tranny and rear end go right in? Will there be anything that cant be directly swapped? This should be a reletively easy swap right? Thanks.
  2. He is going to put a 6 cylinder in a 95 cobra body? Thats scaraligious.
  3. no, he's swapping FROM the cobra TO the v6.
  4. What's wrong with the Cobra? I'd repair the Cobra rather than the sixer, Unless it was in a huge accident or something. There's a few on here that's gone from 6 to 8, don't remember their names right off but I'd type in swap or something in the search field. Too bad there's like a 4 letter minimum for sarches. :nonono:
  5. I have so much trouble trying to search for alot of stuff because of the too big or too small of a word limit....argh!
    As far as i know everything should swap right over without any problems.
  6. I've done the swap.. just swap your Engine Harness, Computer Harness, ALT harness, Battery Harness, and Tranny Harness over to the car and install the engine and install the new computer from the donor car... Rear end is an easy swap... Straight forward swap.. Just e-mail me for any questions..


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  7. why would anyone waste time swapping 3.27 gears? keep the v-6 rear end, swap the brakes and go with bigger gears!!!!!!
  8. The v6 rear is a smaller rear isnt it? 7.5"??? Oh and cobras came with 3.08's
  9. oh i thought it was still 8.8? 3.08's? its possible. I bought an entire rear end for a buddy of mine that had 3.27's in it