5.0 vs 4.6

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  1. My friends 00, just put down 242/286 with just a catback, CAI, and TB. My dads similar 5.0 with catback, pulleys, and filter made 212/276. Tell me 30 more hp and 10 more tq (not to mention a better curve) isnt an improvement. Also remember the 96-98 cars were dogs, so the jump to the PI heads was a big increase. Also the 4V cars make great power, and even the 05+. My brothers bone stocker did 265/286 and another one with an axleback, CAI and tune did 277/296. I would say thats improving.
  2. And to note, the idea of sales came in when I compared the Fbodies. They were cars that imrpoved a lot, but with the huge improvement, somehow came weak sales and the death of the model. Why dont you irv tell us what a car that impresses you buy how much better it got is...
  3. Good post! Each year it seems less nice 5.0s are on the street and a nice one really turns heads. I know the 99+ is better at just about everything but I still like my 5.0 especially since I spent countless hours grinding away at the heads and intake, when buying new parts would have been easier and more effective!
  4. ok about the braking ive called my coworker and i got in his 99 cobra and it does feel better so i stand corrected...
    i wasent a gt but im giving it the benifit of the doubt..but also it was in a cobra and it was a better car...but it isent impressive...

    also im never one to go by feel cause i argue the same thing to my friend with the cobra....he's so into the mustang name he has no idea those gets spanked around by wrx's camaros ive even seen a nissan 350 and a maxima tread to close for comfort give it hell....i know those cars a better then mine stock also....but with a fox you can turn it around and comeback with a vengance...and i find it uncommon with the mustang of the 4.6 model..i worked 4.6 model can do all that the worked fox can do and thats not sayin any big news all i see there is no innovation and there is no real gain in performance for those who to d oa project car....it my firm beleife that if it wasent for the SC on the 03 cobra model..my point would have really stuck out....and not to mention if they would have triied all motor it wouldent have been with a 4.6 engine and it would have been affordable........and its not like SC cant be purchased for the Fox and those usaully are rockets
  5. :lol: :lol: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    You CAN'T compare putting a supercharger on a pushrod 5.0 as compared to a supercharged modular 4.6.

    Sure go ahead and put a Whipple on a stock 5.0 engine and put one on a stock 4.6 and see which one makes more power.

    See which one "Rockets" more.....

    The newer Modular 4.6 > Pushrod 5.0....period.
  6. A lot of people have 99+ Mustangs, not necessarily Gt's or above...

    irvgotti - The 99 Cobra will beat the maxima and 350z...neither one of those is trapping higher than 98-99mph in the low 14 second time frame. Even with the "underpowered" 99's...it still wins. Sorry again:(

    Don't go by feel, again the brakes are smooth and precise...they will kill your stock fox. I'm sure the v6's could brake better if I were to guess...I bet that burns don't it...;)
  7. That could get plain nasty...

    irvgotti - Stock engine's in the 99+'s with 8-10lbs of boost are getting 350-390rwhp....find me a stock 5.0L with any kind of boost on a stock engine (that is reliable the least bit) that puts out that kind of power:)
  8. My sister has an '05 Maxima and my cousin has an '05 350. I've beaten both of them with my GT. They are quick, but i can edge them out. A cobra or Mach 1 should have no problem with those cars.

    A friend of mine is pushing 8 pounds of boost on a 2V motor from a KB and putting down 380 rwHP (other supporting mods as well)

    Then i have two friends with '03 Cobras with exhaust, pulley and tune on them putting 480HP to the wheels.

    You start getting up to the 400-500HP level with a 5.0 and you risk splitting the block.

    The latest N/A versions of the 4.6L are putting down 270-280HP to the wheels in stock trim. I'm referring to the Mach 1 motor and the new 3V 4.6L. I'd consider that to be pretty damn good 14 years into the existence of the motor.

    I had a '93 Mark 8, which had a 4.6L DOHC motor making 280HP. This was the second year of existence of the 4.6L. WIth 100K miles on the motor i took it to the track and pulled off 14.8-14.9's all night. Not bad for a 3800 pound boat. With minimal mods i could have had the Mark 8 into the 13's with ease.
  9. Irv it sounds like you base a lot of what you say on what you think. Thats fine and all but your opinion on this doesnt hold a candle to cold hard facts. Your saying the car isnt impressive because YOU dont think it is. It is because the numbers say it is, thats what Im getting at.

    If you really a think a 99 Cobra is going to get beat by those cars you mentioned, time to hand over the driving duties to someone else. A WRX wont beat one if the driver is competant, an STI will by a slight bit, a Camaro by a little, but any 350Z, G35, Maxima will get beat handily. If you dont believe me, I dont know what to say other than I have been to tracks more so than classes at school (thats an exaggeration, but I have over 200 track passes of my own, easily, and dont race at every event, and just turned 21), so I would say I have seen a LOT of Mustangs (I mainly only go to Mustang events. Tasca Day, Fords @ Etown, FFW, NMRA, MHRA, etc...).

    Oh well, Ford doesnt need to impress every fox owner (usually the guys who cant afford new cars anyway), and have done a great job keeping the Mustang alive and selling cars!
  10. I'm not going to read all of this thread, but here's my input.

    The 01 you're talking about is an automatic. It's probably not going to run any quicker than a 14.5 with a good driver. If you've got a fresh 5-spd 5.0 GT, you should be able to do that with a good driver. If you buy a notch or you put a just couple of minor mods, a stock auto '01 does not have the advantage.

    I still believe that an LX notch 5spd 5.0 is every bit as quick as any 4.6L GT before 2005. A 5spd GT 5.0 is not, but so long as it's running right we're only talking an average of about .4 to .5 seconds - a huge margin for pros, but not much of a margin on the street. In this specific case, the auto 4.6 negates that advantage.

  12. Well, there is this local guy making 413 RWHP...stock cam, bone stock untouched heads, with a stock 94 5.0L block...



    ...and that's 413 RWHP through a bone stock, power sucking AODE...you'd probably see another 20-25 put down if it were a five speed.
  13. also to correct post # 264 i had a typo i ment to type down "would'nt have been affordable"
  14. Oh please. Go to www.steelcitystangs.com and witness the sheer mind-numbing number of 10 and 11 second bolt-on 03/04 Cobras on there...

    The 4.6 is a bad mother****er, and quite honestly, is superior to the old Windsors as far as sheer ability to build and maintain power.

    The Windsors are only better in that they are cheaper to buy and build and simpler to work on.
  15. read post 214 to see my point
  16. The 4.6 impresses me. If it doesn't impress you, well i guess you are entitled to that.
  17. 99+ wins in every category.....the torque of a 5.0 is more fun though. If you think the brakes on a 5.0 are better, I want some of whatever your on
  18. I don't understand why all the resistance. 12 pages? lol Some of these guys own both cars. I think they would know better than anyone how the two compare.
  19. I totally agree.

    I've owned two 4.6s- a 99 GT and a 96 Thunderbird.

    I really like my 5.0 alot better...that rush of torque just "does it" for me.

    Plus, I like how easy it is to work on my 5.0...and no 4.6 rumbles like a 5.0 does....I much prefer the 5.0. :D

    However, I can't deny the fact that the modulars really seem to have overtaken the Windsors now-a-days...there are so many fast DOHCs out there with minimal work, it's mind blowing.
  20. Um...how many lbs of boost;) I'm talking bone stock engine...no intake...it all adds up. So how many lbs of boost:)
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