5.0 vs 4.6

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  1. Chris go check out the thread I made in 4.6L Talk a few days ago...they are running faster than 14.5 stock:nice:
  3. You nitpick WAY too much. He has an INTAKE- BFD.

    Show me a 8-10lb, stock motor (including intake) SOHC 4.6 with 390+ RWHP.
  4. 10 feet was a round about figure we didnt have a measuring tape...we did the foot measurment.... ive know the 03 cobra to have 390 flywheel HP but ive seen ppl swap the SC for a kenny bell twin screw and that kicks ass ...but i didnt ask if they got bigger injectors or intake and stuff

    5spd you make it sound like having those cars beating the 99 cobra is unreal....and you making the 99 cobra sound like its like some sorta supercar .the fact is its fast but not like kick ass fast....
    you should see how those cars get disrespected....without a SC it aint nothing ramp about...it hasent done nothing a fox hasent done already...

    your forgetin about the disapointing buyers who felt they was robbed

    But u know what the 99 is the better car off the back..ill admit that....

    but like i said previously it aint nothing to write home about
  5. I realize why I cant follow half of what you type Irv... You cannot form complete senteces or spell to save your life. This is basically you typing a paragraph, please rearead it, and make it legible.

    Like I said, you base it off what you think, and that comes from what you see. Thats all nice and well, but the ONLY thing you could possible base off that is straight line racing, and having seen more than 3 bone stock foxes, and bone stock 4.6s race. My guess is you probably havent seen them on the same day, with the same drivers, to be able to compare how they stack up to each other. Then we talk handeling, and again Im sure you havent seen 3 bone stock versions of each go out on a slolem and roadcourse, to be able to accurately compare. As with braking, same deal, without having a bunch of test cars with the same drivers and conditions, your not bringing anything valid to this...

    This is why we use magazines and tests to prove the 4.6 cars in bone stock form are that much better than the 5.0 cars in bone stock form. Your opinion about them not being that much better for the amount of technology difference, well thats you. Ford doesnt have to impress some guy who is never going to buy a new one, they dont care.

    You claim Mustang enthusiasts are blinded by the love of the car to not see that they arent that much better. I feel enthusiasts are the hardest critics. They know what the older cars have, do and perform like, and expect much better from the newer ones. Enthusiasts might be biased, but are a much harder critic when comparing older versions to newer versions, but not so much when comparing Mustangs to other cars.
  6. Lol, you got convienent amnesia when you posted those numbers. Some like Irv Gotti will read that and tell everyone that you can get 400+rwhp with 8-10lbs of boost. That isn't even close...you'll get much closer with a piheaded 4.6L. Check out the 4.6L Tech section for the numbers you requested...;)
  7. The 99 Cobra is decently quick in my book...not fast at all. It will destroy your stock fox:)
  8. Look the 4.6 beats the 5.0 stock, bottom line.

    But who keeps that ish stock anyway?

    5.0 is cheaper and easier to mod, in the long run.

    But they are both cars and they both have engines that MUST obey the laws of physics, besides, once the wallet is thrown at it, you can do anything you want; it doesn't even matter after that. So, choose based on aesthetic taste.
  9. OK you are right about one thing i dont have a bunch of test cars...but u know what the track drag, autocross and road course is my testing area and a area where i observe cars real life perfromance....as i said before...i dont care about what a pro driver pulls out of a car or magazine editor types it up to be.....i care more about what is most common...so yea there might be (example) 1 guy out of a bunch that can get a 13.7 out of a his stang...but if i see most of them are in the 14's then i will safley assume its a 14 second car

    i think your mustang enthusiats theroy is totally incorrect.. more and more mustang enthusiast all read about what the new mustang has and all the great new additions and they know all the features about it and get all hoowww haaahhh.buy the car and get them self a subscription to MM&fast fords and read that phoney crap in there and swear noone is gonna beat there mustang..not paying attention to the bigger picture and understand the mustang has barly been able and/or havent been ableto keep up with its competitors in terms of PERFORMANCE and todays demands.Example gas prices are soring you would think ford would try to ansewr the ppls call for better efficiancy no they put out a heavier mustang with the same old engine with a new look and still havent addressed the issue of having one of the worst back seats...naive mustang enthusiast are plenty and everywhere...Also i feel comparing the mustang to other cars is a more important comparison..cause if a fool pick's a car for its name and spend big money on it..and get embarresed from other cars in its class and/or under its class (95- 2001) regularly and probably around the same price or worse yet cheaper he isent gonna feel to good anymore what is he gonna do race other mustangs only, that aint that fun...

    and no ford is not trying to impress a guy like me....cause they havent been able too in a long time..there focasing on bias enthusiast and women...

    scraping the four link setup is a big move for ford they should have done it along time ago...

    and if u cant understand what i type...then then jump off and read your owners manual....and save me the Bull****t, because boys shouldent be in a mans conversation
  10. :lol: :lol: Not with you driving it
  11. please just let this thread die
  12. And how do you know anything about my driving? Riddle me that...

    You have obviously have lost not just the battle, but the war...bye bye:D
  13. well yes a auto 4.6 Vs yer 5.0 sure......but if you wanna spank him throw some gears in there and you'll do better
  14. i'd take a 4V 4.6L over a 5.0... but i'd take the 5.0 over the 2 valve, cheaper to modify and the body is lighter

    now you can lock the thread :D

  15. LOL, I'd pose the same question to you (Mr. Guarantee) :D , but I don't have the heart to drag this thread out any longer.
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