5.0 vs LS1

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  1. Yep. I agree with that totally. Oh, and the race thing I'll take as a compliment. :)
  2. I have this same debate with my honda loving friend. He seems to feel he can beat my if he hits a million RPM...But truth be told to get to 7K rpm we all most pass 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 , 5000 and 6000RPM first.

    So if two cars make 500hp the first engine to get to that sweet spot first wins. NO REPLACEMENT FOR DISPLACEMENT. Whats crazy is that well use the no replacement for displacement when referring to 4 cyl....but then when its v8 vs we we come apart and cant agree on anything!!!

    More displacement is why a LS1 pushrod LS1 (350) will beat a pushrod (302)....Sure you could rev the 302 to the moon to make the same power as a larger displacement motor...But when that larger motor is built to rev high too theres no comparison!!! Apples to PC comparison. Newer technology may make a few more ponies....but overall the Bigger motor wins.

    Pokageek has a 408 based 351...i have a 383 based 351....tuned and built to perfection PHYSICS say that his motor will make more power every time. Sure i can rev. a little higher and make his power. But hes just a cam swap away from making even more power at the same RPM. Size does matter!!! Have you seen what guys with professionally built 514 strokers are making for power??? Not only that but larger displacements can make more power at lower RPMs and still run pump gas!!!


  3. np, it was intended to be a compliment poka.
  4. you do? i thought honda sold an rpm delete kit that brings you to 7 grand instantly? haha :rlaugh: :rlaugh: (that was a bash to honda's and ricer mentality, not to what you're saying)
  5. With my street tires (315/35 F1 GS-D3) my car would break loose at the top of 2nd gear around 5800 rpm. Oh yeah, I also make 400rwtq at 3000 rpm. ;)
  6. Can you not read? I understand that you like torque, great. What I don't understand is your definition of a true "test" to see which motor is built better. Take the damn things to the track! Those are real world numbers that matter. Who the hell says a true test is to put both motors behind an automatic and see what happens? :nonono:

    You are truely a clown if you think torque wins races and it is a crying shame you can't meet me at the track. That is all I will say. Someone is lost in 1972.
  7. Yep. AND you are making all that hp alot earlier too Mike. You have the best of both worlds. I basically patterned my car after yours as its a benchmark for hp and looks...dunno if either one of us have the driveability thing down yet lol. :rlaugh: Thats prolly in the cam and the tune of course.

    Stopsign, I understand your point man. And like I said, your car is great car too and I am sure lots of people would like to have it. We have different preferences is all.

    But back to the thread. Yes ,stock LS1 beats stock 5.0 lol.
  8. And my car with less torque has sent me sideways completely through 3rd gear with my 315 Nitto Drag radials. Oh yea, I make 300rwtq at 3,000rpms ;)
  9. jesus it is constant defense mode...i think if he said hp is more important and torque is overrated you would swap sides just to argue...
  10. Like I said before, it is all in the combination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. I can take off from a dead stop in 3rd gear. :D

    Somebody should rename this thread Torque vs. HP. :lol:
  12. :popcorn:
  13. Back on topic (sorta) :)

    I found threads discussing this, but the original thread has been moved or deleted and I couldn't find it. :(

    I did find it interesting that many people said the LSx engines are designed more like a Ford engine than a Chevy. One person described it as the best Ford engine ever built (by Chevy).
  14. Wanna beat a Ford....design an engine like one and add 48 Cubes

  15. Yeah, I make 630 ft. lbs of torque at the wheels at 3000rpms. I guess low end torque only means something if your car is so slow it can't get up in the rpms fast enough. If you have an engine that makes decent power, the time you spend below 3000rpms is so minimal, the difference in torque is nominal. If launch a car below 3000rpms on a race tire, you're gonna bogg. If you bogg, especially on the bottle, there's a good chance you're going to break something. If you are on street tires, all that low end torque is just going to make smoke clouds. That's why I say torque below 3000rpms is meaningless.

  16. Kurt you are arguing a losing battle. You can't understand what you just said until you have a fast car.
  17. This is actually totally incorrect. Torque is actually a meaningless number in determining acceleration. The saying Torque = ET, HP = mph is a myth. The myth comes from the fact that cars with higher peak torque numbers generally generate more average power. So a car with 300rwhp and 400rwftlb will remain closer to peak power throughout the rpm band. While a car making 300rwhp, and 200rwftlb doesn't have much power until it approaches that peak rpm. From a mathematical standpoint, power is the only value that is of importance. Power = Work/Time. The Work to move a car of a given weight 1/4 mile doesn't change. By the relation above, you can see how Power is value you have to change in order to change the time.

    Also, I'm not saying low end torque is of no importance, just that torque below 3000 rpms is of no importance. Power = torque x rpm. So yeah, just like I said above, having lots of low end torque facilitated by a bad ass big cube motor is important to get that average power value up. But in the real world, just about every race engine stays well above 3000 rpms for the entire race. So why would I care what the torque is at 3000 rpms when I launch at 6000, and the car stays above 4500rpms for the whole race.

  18. Run what ya brung. That's all there is to it. Street or strip who gives an F what is under your hood or what kind of power you are making at what RPM. Aside from a racing standpoint enjoy whatever sort of combo you and only you like.

    Now, :popcorn:
  19. Thought we were talking street cars here? You may be alright with the idea of running WOT all the time to see any kind of power out of your car but a lot of us like the idea of being able to summon our torque curve at will....not be RPM, gear or bottle dependant on it. Last time I checked, you couldn't merge onto a drag strip simulating stop and go traffic in high gear, or pass a row of cars without dropping out of overdrive. How does your car feel off the bottle at part throttle, or under gradual acceleration? Betcha it’s no where near as healthy or impressive when you aren't running the sauce with your foot stuffed into the oil pan?

    Sure, 630lbs ft of torque at the track on slicks is a great recipe for ET’s. Wheel spin is less of a problem when you’re not shocking the tires at the tree before the majority of your power comes on....I never stated otherwise. But on a street car, making the jam down low makes more a much more pleasant driving vehicle. Yes, if you want to....blowing the tires off at will off idle is certainly doable, but its not inevitable. Controlling the rate at which power comes on is with a Twin Screw or an Eaton is little more than showing a little restraint with your right foot. Far more predictable and controllable than any Centrifugal or Turbo...especially on street tires. Get nervous and jerky and your tires go up is smoke. Use your head and roll it out of the hole and let the torque curve work for you decent standing starts are very accomplishable. Also, it’s not like a PD blower means you make a pile of torque down low and its gone by 3,000RPM either. My torque hits hard and heavy almost instantly If I want it to and continues to carry all the way to red line, just like my horsepower does.

    It may not come on as dramatically, or violently as your does at 3,000RPM, but c'mon....you've got your nitrous and displacement to thank mostly for that...not centrifugal blower alone. :shrug:

    Must you always insist on playing the part of the yappy Chihuahua? :scratch:
  20. +100000000 on the last comment...
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