5.0 Waterpump rotation?

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  1. I used a 5.0 out of a 86 Gran Marquis. It has a wide drive belt, actually 2 of them, 1 driving the AC, and 1 driving the alt, power steering pump, and water pump. I think that it is "normal" rotation water pump, but from what I have read, the 5.0 engines have reverse rotation water pumps. I have checked the original fan, it is the same as the early model fan I have laying around, or lease the same looking rotation. If this is a "normal" rotation water pump, any problems running a early model water pump with the lower connection on the pass. side. The current has the connection on the drivers side.

    Thanks in advance
  2. does the water pump ride off the "back" (smooth) side of the belt, or the ribbed side? smooth side is reverse rotation...
  3. it rides off of the ribbed side. Looks like a v belt setup, but using a wide belt. Maybe the pics will help

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  4. if you are going to go to stock radiator outlets, go ahead and swap in the early style pump...i just did the same thing on my 66... i did use the passenger in/ drivers side out radiator i feel you draw more heat from the coolant that way.
  5. 86 Grand Marquis is std rotation. Waterpumps are available in low, std and high volume thru Advance Auto, Autozone. I'm using the same setup on the 5.0 in my 89 Ranger. There was a change in pump housings that fit it in 88. Ford swapped from an iron housing to aluminum. The HV pump is listed as a Police/Taxi application. Only difference is the size of the impeller.
  6. You cannot swap to the early pump unless you also swap timing covers.
  7. my bad...there is a difference between the timing covers.you will be ok with the waterpump you have. im running an 85 351 police pkg, and upgraded to a fpp aluminum water pump, but could have used the stocker.