$5,000 ?

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  1. I already have the coupe complete and running with a 4 banger it's all stock everything except wheels. So for $5,000 could i pick up a rebuilt or rebuild a tbird turbo motor? I'm thinking of putting a hell of a built 4 banger turbo DAILY DRIVER in instead of the stock 4 banger. So with the 5g's that will need to include tranny,motor rebuild or a "can handle almost anything" rebuild 4 banger ,computer, newer bigger turbo, fuel pumps, rearend basically everything needed to build a turbo car as if i had a non rolling chasis. OH 1 more thing IT NEEDS TO PASS WASHINGTON EMISSIONS! peace

  2. You should be able to come close on $5000, the only thing in there I would be unsure about is the "new bigger" turbo...because depending on what you get, you can drop $1000+ on a turbo.

    BTW I only had about $1500 in my engine rebuild and that included machine work, gasket & bearing kit, ARP rod bolts, crank scraper, ARP head studs, and some other stuff (I think I included my Bob's log in that price too)
  3. That ought to be plenty...
  4. Would it be better to get a tbird turbo motor or a SVO motor? Also to run mid 12's would it be street able? I currently have a 93 that runs high 12's but has gone 12.2 with the last driver. Should i use a tbird or SVO computer or should i go with a DFI or some other system? peace

  5. They are the same engine so it doesn't matter. Yes, it will be streetable.

    If you've got 5k to spend, might as well get a standalone ecu (if you know how to tune them).
  6. Yeah, another vote for a standalone. That or a J3 chip for whatever 2.3T EEC you get.
  7. running 12's with a street turbo 2.3L is freaking easy(i had 400whp outa mine, don't know what it ran but it was fast). you can do that with some bolt ons. ifyou know what to do.

    you can pick up a trubo2.3L from a cougar, t-bird, mustang, or merkur XR4TI. from 83-85 themotor pushed 14 psi and had 30# injectors. from 85.5-89 the ran 15 psi and ran 35# injectors.

    i looked around for a spare one when i had my SVO so i could builda race engine and i was seeing 100 bucks for the cheap ones(don't buy) to around 1k for complete with wiring harness. if you know who to talk to you can pick up a turbonetiks T3/T4 turbo for 800 bucks brand new. it's the same one ran on my buddy's 10sec street SVO(450hp to the wheels) just make sure you get a good intake manifold. mainly the lower.

    for a stock SVO the 1/4mile times are:

    84: 15.3 175hp(bull*****)
    85: 15.1 205hp(no diff. in motor)
    85.5: 14.9 210hp(35#inject. and +1 psi)
    86: 14.7 205hp(no diff. n motor)

    the only reason for this is every year ford changed the gears in the rear end.

    the difference between tbird motor and the SVO is the tbird has a bigger intercooler.also the tbirdand SVO had the only intercooled motors. all the others had a discharge pipe. *sigh* i miss my SVO
  8. Both '84 and '85 got the same 175hp/210tq rating. '85.5 got the highest official rating of 205hp/248tq while '86 was "derated" to an even 200hp/240tq. The change was only on paper, though.

    The rear end ratio(3.73) was the same between '85, '85.5, and '86 models. '84s got 3.45 diff gears with steeper trans ratios.

    All SVOs had intercoolers, but '87-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupes came with a marginally larger intercooler in the same place as an SVO.