5.0Droptops 87 Coupe project

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  1. I have posted differnt times about this car.. I have been doing work to it so I decided to make a dedicated thread that I can update.

    I bought the car in June 2010 out of Ft Wayne Indiana. Thats where it spent its whole life.

    Heres what it looked like when I bought it.

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    I almost decided not to buy it because it has rust issues. I ended up buying the car for 3000.00 just for the drivetrain and interior etc. I was gonna buy a roller and swap it all over. after getting the coupe on a lift I found that the rust areas were fixable and I decided to keep it and try to save it.

    Heres the list of parts it now has,(updated 9 October 11)

    1987 LX Coupe Mods.
    Engine: 302/5.0 roller, stock bore.
    Stock forged pistons
    Stock cam
    Ported and polished 93 heads.
    GT 40 Explorer intake
    Edelbrock 65mm tb/egr spacer
    Pete Jackson Noisy Gear drive timing set.
    MSD TFI Blaster coil
    MSD Pro billet dist.
    Msd cap and rotor
    FMS Red wires
    FMS Under drive pullies
    March ram air kit
    Hi Vol oil pump
    FMS Heavy duty Oil pump drive shaft
    Canton windage tray crank scraper
    New FMS oil pan
    Short belt no smog pump, all smog removed including egr
    New alt battery ign module
    electric fan from a late 90's v6 stang


    MAC 1 5/8” equal shorty headers
    2.5” off road SS h pipe
    Gutted am thunder 40 series Flows
    Mac 2.5" tails with home made 3" polished tails


    BBK Lowering springs
    FMS Heavy duty sway bar on front
    Kenney Brown super SBF connectors
    KYB Agx adjustable shocks and struts
    Southside machine lower lift bars
    Southside machine upper control arms

    All ceramic pads and shoes, new cross drilled rotors new drums.

    Wheels and tires
    Fats and skinnys Summit racing star wheels. 15x8 and 15x4
    MT ET Streets on rear 255-60-15

    Trans and rear:

    WC T5 with D and D super alloy gears and all upgrades 3.35 gear set modified to T5Z spec
    Billet steel 3-4 sync keys.
    Pro 50 power tower shifter
    Homemade short handle with B&M T handle.

    King cobra clutch
    FMS alum drive shaft
    Billet steel flywheel
    3.73 with auburn pro diff

    Steeda adj clutch cable and quad with fire wall adjuster

    Mobil 1 10w30 motor oil
    kn oil filter
    Mobil 1 syn trans fluid


    Added pony dash emblem and 140 speedo.
    5"tach with shift light
    95 mustang gt front seats
    dyed door panels and rear seat and part of dash...(custom to my liking)

    The first priority was to ditch the wing and remove all the stickers under the hood LOL
    While I was under the hood I installed a Explorer GT40 intake and new plug wires and an autometer fuel press guage.

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    Next I needed to repair the passinger side tq box area
    as the seat pan above the Tq box had rusted away pretty bad.

    So I cut it all out and welded it back up with new metal. I welded up the seams of the tq box while I had it all cut open.

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    After fixing the Tq box area it was then safe to beat up on so off to the track we went.

    First and best pass it went 13.76 @ 98 this was with the ported stock intake

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    Recent additions to the lx:

    5" tach with shift light, pony emblem on passinger side of dash (87's didnt have the emblem) and I installed a 140 speedo in place of the 85mph speedo (140's came out in 89 I believe)

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    Heres how the lx looks recently.

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    I have some floor repairs to do and then Eventually the body work will start.

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  2. nice looking coupe.. I've always like foxes in this color.... glad you decided to save it from the junk heap.
  3. Thanks.
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  4. looking good, i like those seats, and what you did with the tq boxes
  5. Good work!
  6. Look much better with out the wing.
  7. Nice lookin' coupe. Let's see if it can stick around for some time now :p ;)
  8. I told my wife im not selln any more of my toys... she will have to get a job as a tity dancer or something if it comes down to it.... :rlaugh:
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  9. Thanks, the seats came from a cougar.
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  10. Been trying to find a cougar with same interior as my front seats Id like to get the matching back seat
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  11. Did t birds have same seats??:scratch: may know where one is....
  12. Possibly. I was told these were from cougar but maybe same as tbird
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  13. I'll look. there used to be an old turbo coupe and base trim t birds in town parked behind a building.... next time i'm over there I'll wipe the dirt off the glass and see what the inside looks like...
  14. Right on. Let me know. Thanks!
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  15. When it warms up, we need to get your coupe over here and finish your metal work. This winter feels like its dragging on and on.....
  16. I hear ya. This winter just won't go away.
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  17. Nice work on the torque box fix! Looks great with the ET Streets and Summit stars....

    Great deal for 3 grand!
  18. Thanks ice-cold I almost didn't buy it. But decided it was to good of deal to pass up
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  19. nice looking car! thanks for posting your progress!
  20. looks like an LX version of mine :)