5.0Droptops 87 Coupe project

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  1. Only not as nice as yours Guy.
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  2. Lookin good! When ya gonna do my floor/torque boxes area?:shrug:
  3. Looks great. Love the pegged oil and voltage gauges
  4. Maybe this summer if your around?

    Engine was rebuilt with high vol oil pump and has a aftermarket 130 amp alt.
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  5. what a pile....

  6. I know.
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  7. My car isnt that nice :shrug:
  8. if you say so
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  9. OK Shawn, I finally remembered to go look at the interior of those tbirds to see if the seats matched and they were gone. Sorry man. I will keep an eye out for you, though.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to look for me. :nice:
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  11. track opens late march! Ill be there waiting on a silver coupe! lol
  12. ha ha ha
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  13. Added black shift knob and a extra short handle and replaced shifter boot with generic ebay one

    Added 2 gauge pod on a pillar came with air fuel mix gauge and elec fuel press gauge still need to hook them up

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  15. Nice car, man. I saw one at home depot this morning and the only difference between it and yours was color. Wild strawberry i think it's called?
  16. Thanks. Its a work in progress. Mechanically its great. Body needs some fixing...Someday.
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  17. oh yeah I almost forgot I picked up a set of South Side Machine upper control arms to match my lowers

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