5.0Droptops 87 Coupe project

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  2. I Love it!
  3. and it loves you!
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  4. Ok the next update. I picked these 94/95 gt seats up for 60.00

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    The seats in myy car now are nice but they are not comfortable to me. I wanted a darker color as well.

    I got the new seats in but it's too dark in my garage to get good pics.
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  5. The seats should look good!
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  7. Looks good
  8. Thanks. I put the seats in for pics.. I may have to take them out and let them air out a few days... The odor from the aerosol dye is strong....
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  9. looks really nice like they grew there
  10. I fertilized and watered them. God made them grow.
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  11. Love the seats.
  12. Thanks.
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  13. Had those same seats in my 94. I like the way it looks in the FOX better than it did in my SN95. My car really needed leather.


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  14. I have to agree. I think they fit the fox better.
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  15. I used that same spray, seats still looked good two years later
  16. Good to know.
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  17. With all that going on in the interior ever thought about changing the dated steering wheel? Some more up to date. Is it possible to put a FR500 steering wheel on FOX without an air bag? That would look incredible.
  18. Yes I would like to change the wheel. It has working cruise one of the few options it came with and I'd like to keep it. Need to figure out how to do that.
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