5.0Droptops 87 Coupe project

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  1. If you go with a grant wheel, they have a hub adapter that keeps the cruise control.
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  3. I want manual windows for my car.
  4. I found a thread on another site that showed guys who used momo wheels and made a thin bracket and mounted the cruise switches to it. May have to fashion something like that up.
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  6. Y'all can be honest. If it looks bad say so.

    My center pad was torn by the vents so my plan was just to replace it but I unknowingly got the wrong color.
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  7. Well no negative comments on the dash, Must mean it looks ok LOL
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  8. It looks good man. I think dying the two other vents and the sounding area would like nice as well, kinda tie it all together. I would leave the underside gray to continue the two tone theme.
  9. Thanks. I have been debating on doing that.
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  10. I like it better. Waiting for it to dry so I can wipe it down and clan it
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  11. Dude, 100x better! Exactly what I meant in my previous comment.
  12. Pics are much easier to see on the internet than they are on my phone, haha.

    The interior is coming along nicely, when am I gonna get to see this in person?
  13. Looks great i did the same thing to my dash but its not holding up that well. I blame cheap paint.
  14. Thanks guys. I hope it holds up. Time will tell.
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  15. Went back to the track
    The only changes to the car was the gt40 exploder intake and the elec fan and the modified exhaust

    Last year with stock intake and clutch fan I went [email protected] or so

    Tonight I went [email protected] 1.82 60ft
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