1. Hey guys i'm new to the forums and i had a question relating to my 5.0, My harmonic balancer snapped off kinda violently while driving causing alot of damage to my crankshaft keyway, water pump, timing case, timing chain etc, and i bought a 1997 5.0L Explorer engine to drop in there can you guys give me a list of things that the engine would need so i can just drop it in? as far as i know it is the GT40p engine.
  2. Second time I've seen that this month.... Sorry for your bad luck. The swap however is very straightforward. Have you done a search for related topics?
  3. i have, and none of them are very clear....basically i would like to know; will the oil pan fit?
    what about the computer?
  4. Spend the money now and do a refresh. Replace all the seals and bearings if you can. Engine is the same as so is the oil pan. You can keep your computer
  5. also how about my cam? its a b303, i was told the springs in the heads cant handle the cam.
    also is there anything that will have to change for a fact?
    sorry if i seem abit noobish
  6. you drop the car on that pulley or what?
  7. i kinda ran over it...
  8. yeah that'll work too
  9. the stock springs wont handle the cam, but the springs in your old motor will, you can swap them over from the old to the new if you like when you swap the cams.

    you will have to use the explorer exhaust manifolds, or headers designed for the P heads. on the other hand, if your current heads were not damaged, you can swap them over to the explorer short block and skip the issue of changing valve springs, and the need for the P style headers. you can still use the gt40 intake though.
  10. ALL HAIL the B CAM? That motor will absolutely fly with that cam- I'd expect 10's easy.

    You need to swap the intake, timing cover, oil pans & oil pumps, throttle body, exhaust and distirbutor . Your old accessories from the old Mustang engine mount the same way onto the Explorer's engine once you've stripped the Explorer accessories and timing cover off. Swap the Mustang's flywheel onto the Explorer motor. The motor mounts are not the same between either vehicle. Just remove the mounts from the Mustang. You don't swap any wiring or EEC from the Explorer into the Mustang. If the explore motor was from an automatic get a pilot bearing for your year Mustang.
  11. Ten four! Plan to everytime someone says All Hail the B Cam! :D
  12. so is the b cam a bad cam? it came with the car lol. is there a cam that you guys would recomend?
  13. also is will my bbk shortys fit on those heads?
  14. Ok... here's the deal. "letter cams" are 20+ year old technology that well, are ok at best. They look like they were made with a chisel and I've yet to see one where all the lobes matched- serious. The B cam makes it's power from about 3-4500 and then it's done. Guys used to swear by it back in the day because Bernie Golick- who worked for a mustang rag- pimped it out to every person who asked how can I increase HP. The cam produces a choppy idle which can cause problems. It's basically IMO a modern version of the 3/4 cam. I wouldn't go through the trouble of swapping in into a motor, but that's me.

    Now, if that's what you got and you are on a budget, roll with it. However, I can think of many different cams that will work much better from Comp Cams, TFS or a custom TFI or Buddy Rawls grind. It all comes down to what you want to spend.
  15. Do you know if i will still get the choppy sound with the other cams? because i do kinda like that sound lol
    Also i want to squeeze the most HP i can without causing damage to the engine any suggestions?
  16. "The worlds's best cam combined with a poor set of heads will produce an engine that's a dog. But bolt on a set of great heads even with a poor cam and that engine will still make great power." - Lingenfelter.