5.0L Fox powered by Eaton M90 Supercharger

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  1. Some of you know, most of you don't - I purchased an '87 LX 2 years ago with a crude supercharged 5.0L powered by the same supercharger off of the 3.8L T-bird supercoupe. Most of the car was stock (heads, headers, lower-intake) and the car still made ~290rwhp.

    This winter I decided to upgrade the setup - adding a rebuilt forged lower lower-end. Twisted wedge heads, a cobra intake, and various other mods.... Now I'm hoping for 370rwhp (maybe I'll get more if I'm lucky.)

    For more details and a ton more pics go to my website: http://jims306.webhop.net

    Some teasers....



    Monster "custom" FEAD:

    Car Exterior:
  2. Im a big fan of any man who runs something not out of the box. Is that still a small blower or did you buy an 03 cobra blower :shrug:

    anyway looks nice hope everything works out for you
  3. It is a smaller blower than the 03 cobra setup. The 03's use Eaton's M112 (same as the lightning trucks). Some GM vehicles use more modern versions of the M90 installed in my car, like the GTP.

    If I ever tried another project similar to this, I'd probably step right up to the M112 and try bolting it directly onto the lower intake (using an adapter plate). :nice:
  4. man i gotta try that. looks pretty straight forward. are you gonna change the pulley on it? does it pull 7psi with the stock pulley? i bet that can be done fairly easily and with little cash.
  5. Sweet! A friend of mine in CT has been fabbing up a stick-outta-the-hood Lightning blower setup to sit on top of the lower intake on his 5.0. I can't wait to see that finished.
  6. how much do you think that tbird blower costs?
  7. i just checked ebay it looks like you can get one to your door for less than 350. then you need some new injectors a mass air meter a new belt and a little fab work. total price around maybe 800 bucks
  8. BBK had a kit called the "Instacharger" that is basicly the same.:shrug:
  9. When you are doing the H/c/i have the m90 ported.
    Magnum powers told me $800 for a porting and rebuild.
  10. Thats way cool man. I've heard lots of talk about doin that, but yours is the first I've seen. Good work:nice:
    Ever get your antenna stuck under a bridge? J/K
  11. its not a stock pulley, i expect somewhere between 5 and 7 psi with my new combination.... 7psi was last year on the stock block/heads/lower intake

    this can be done with little cash, but i would call it far from easy...

    EVERYTHING is custom and it really isn't worth it unless you want something different. for the amount of time put into this setup it would have been more economical to install an off-the-shelf system and have more reliable boost to begin with....

    Good point, you'll get a ton more performance if you have the m90 ported....

    The antenna... it picks up radio stations from other planets, cool eh....
    Whats the best way to chop them down? I did have a rubber one, but highway speeds would bend it and it looked rediculous....
  12. That is really cool IMO. looks like a lot of hard work went into that and it looks clean. :nice:
  13. I believe UPR sells a billet shorty. Just buy and screw on. It's not black though. I used tin snips on mine and glued the lil' ball back on the top + touched it up with black touch up paint. I wanted mine to be black. The UPR version is silver.
  14. yeah my dads been a machinist for 30 years and i'm a mechanical designer we could have those brackets and pipes done in a matter of hours. mechanical stuff doesn't scare me its electrical problems that make me want to set my car on fire.
  15. did you have to run oil lines to that?
  16. Well thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into chopping the antenna later this season.

    The mechanical stuff isn't that hard... once you know how and where your going to mount everything. :nice: You don't have much space, everything needs plenty of custom fabrication and welding (its not a few hour job :rolleyes: ). You need to take many measurments to ensure all of your pulleys align (with and without belt tension) and then you still have to tune the beast. :nonono:
  17. and no.... the M90 has a self-contained lubrication system... :nice:
  18. thanks i am seriously thinking of doing it this summer. your can interests me. i cant see spending 3 grand more on my car. but for a grand i'll give it a whirl. with my solid modeling program it should be pretty easy to design the brackets i was worried about the lubrication though. thanks for the info i will probably pester you more about this in the future
  19. I think you could get away doing this with the stock injectors you can push them to around the level of power you will make with stock heads and intake.. It could also be done with SD you would just have to adjust the fuel pressure according to the boost you are pushing! So that leaves you with just the belt and the little fab work :)