5.0L Fox powered by Eaton M90 Supercharger

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  1. i would be alittle too worried about running lean with the stock injectors but 24s would probably cover it and i got a friend that offered me a set of 24s and a pro m for 200 bucks
  2. You probably should get a muffler shop to get a smooth bent intake tube, all those notchy turns are probably gonna be restrictive to the flow.
  3. What brand radiator are you running?
  4. True, I honestly don't know how long I'll keep this setup so for the time being it will stay as it is. For looks and flow I'd rather have a larger tube that doesn't bend so much.... however I might totally change the setup and add an intercooler.... :shrug:
  5. Its a Griffin radiator. :nice:
  6. Jimbowy: What kind of hood is that?
  7. Its a bolt-on Harwood Fiberglass Cowl Hood
    I can't remember if its 2.5" or 3"....
  8. Sweet...Got any more pics of it?
  9. I should add that the hood hasn't been painted.... maybe I should have it painted black this winter? :shrug:

    The black hood on a red car really grew on me.

    Anyhow, what kind of pic would you like? A side view?


  10. I like the hood and the setup! I found a m90 for 38 bucks, should i grab it and have a project? I have a welder and all of the necessary talent. maybe I shouldd try this?
  11. Yeah you got a close up from the side? I'd like to see how the cowl looks. Is it a 3"? Thanks Man
  12. Here's a short vid from last week guys.... I was spinning the tires everytime I gave it some throttle in 2nd.... more to come when it warms up...

  13. Here's the best sideview I have.

  14. Cool.... How do you like the quality of Harwood? Is the underside finished?
  15. Quality is good considered the hood isn't even painted right now....
    But no, the underside is not finished....
  16. Got any pics of the underside? Im trying to decide where to buy my hood.
  17. I don't, but I'll try to get a few pics this weekend....
  18. Well, here are a few new ones of the car outside... I still need to clean up the wiring on the driverside....

    Charged, I'll have those hood pics for you soon....


  19. Very Nice setup Jim!:nice:

    I am a fan of Eaton myself. Soon to be Whipple. :D

    I had a Harwood hood on my old 88 GT. It fit very well after a little sanding here and there.

    Here are a few shots of it if you are interested in it.
  20. Looks good! I like it...PB