5.0L Fox powered by Eaton M90 Supercharger

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  1. hey in that side pic it looks like the hatch is a different color than the rest of the car, even the spoiler, im jw maybe its just me
  2. It's possible. :nice:
    If I ever came across one I would, I'd do it. :hail2:
  3. Nope. You see it right, but I can blame that on the previous owner. :D
    I'll get to it eventually though, don't worry. :nice:
  4. Some new pictures....

    I got the electric fan running and added a cheap coolant bottle until I find something better. I also put my hood back on, it had been at the painter.

    The new engine has 350 miles on it now, though I'm still taking it easy until I get a tune. It's been running great...




  5. May I suggest that anybody planning on using an M90 off of an SC or an XR7 try to obtain the later model (94-95), they are much more effecient and will produce more power. They have teflon coated rotors and the inlet port is raised, which means they dont have to be spun as fast to make the same boost as the older styl. The M90 is a decent supercharger, but it is a MAJOR heat pump. If the feature car of this thread had a methanol injection kit on it, there would be a night and day difference. Magnum Powers sells "magnaport" M90s that are much improved and way more effecient. I just got rid of my Supercoupe. It ran 15.00 in the quarter when it was bone stock. After adding a 12% OD pulley, blower was ported on inlet and outlet side, sound ports tig welded shut, inlet ported to match, custom blower outlet, CAI, and Flowmaster exhaust, it only went 15.2.......partly because of tire spin, but mostly due to the tremendous amount of heat generated by this roots type charger being spun so quickly. I have no idea what kind of boost it had because it would peg the 15lb gauge.The car had all kinds of torque. Blower sounded awesome, but it only ran really good when it was first started, before the intercooler was plagued with heat soak.
    JimBowy.... Don't get me wrong, I think the car is bad azz. It sounds great and the setup is obviously working for you, I just wanted to add my two cents of my small amount of experience with the M90. I am absolutely positive you know what I'm talking about with the heat issue?
  6. I totally agree with everything you have said. However, I don't see the reason for putting more money into this blower when I can upgrade to a centrifugal blower in the future. If I was buying the blower I'd surely use the later gen. blowers.

    Saying the Eaton is a heat pump is almost an understatement. Last year in 50* F weather I was seeing WOT inlet temps (measured at the intake) in excess of 260* F! I've actually considered spinning the blower less and increasing the pulley size, I'll lose some effective boost but I think I'd gain a lot more without the heat. I've looked into water injection but I'm more seriously considering a small shot of nitrous for cooling the charge.... :nice:
  7. looks good.. i picked up mine a while back to let you know.. i'll be mounting it differently to allow for the ac lines to run.. as well as an intercooler... it will be mounted like a vortech style centrigual.. mounting the alternator in place of the smog and the charger at an angle up top
  8. IMO....I think it would be cool to optimize what you have. Seems like everybody and their brother have some sort of centrifical supercharger on their mustang. Yours is definately a conversation piece. That things gotta be a blast to drive on the street, assuming that you are at full boost about as fast as you can get the peddle to the floor.(at least that's how my little 3.8 was). What about a Vortech power cooler, you could try that first and if you weren't happy with it you could always use it later with a centrifical........just a thought.
  9. Hmm,would it be possable to mount a 4-71 GMC sytle blower like this?

    And could you route the outlet through the fender,and into an intercooler infront of the rad?
  10. Looks great amn way to be creative :nice:
  11. Got a new video of the car up today. Its pulling better but it still needs a tune. Right now its running pretty rich.

    Its the "latest compilation video" LINK HERE
  12. Heya Jim,

    How much boost are you pushing out of that M90? Is it being run outside of it's efficiency range? 260* inlet temps leads to believe that it might be.

    How difficult would it be for you rig up a cold air inlet?
  13. Daggar,
    Last I looked at the boost gauge I'm making somewhere between 5-7 psi with the M90. Its possible it is being run outside of its efficient range, but not by much. Eaton rates their blowers up to 12,000rpm, my spins to ~14,000rpm. I may try putting a larger pulley on the snout of the blower this summer depending on how the car looks after its first tune.

    I haven't checked my inlet temps yet this year, I'll have to stick a digital probe in my intake again this season to be sure.

    Rigging a cold air kit for my car wouldn't be too difficult as air is already being drawn from right behind the passenger headlight, I'd just need to bend up a piece of tubing. I'd have to do some research though as I've heard the MAF doesn't enjoy being right after a big bend in the tubing....
  14. You car sounds wicked awesome with that blower! Love it.
  15. The way that thing is setup, it looks like you've got some options.

    Some that come to mind are:

    Cold(er) air coming in might be worth a few degrees even it means relocating the MAF

    Water/Meth injection from Snow Performance. You've got a really nice tube between that Eaton and the intake. I'm thinking your 260* might come down to around 180* or so.

    A bonified water to air intercooler! Sure, it would require some fab work but again, I'm thinking about all that room you have to work with between the Eaton outlet and the intake.

    I'd be half tempted to try and mount a Kenne Bell like you've got your Eaton just so that I could mount an intercooler! hehe

    Something else just occured to me. As oppposed to a water to air, you could tap off of what you've got for a nice air to air.

    Question: Do any of the larger Eaton blowers share the same size case?
  16. The M112 blowers have the same basic dimensions with the exception of being longer. I've been thinking about an air to air intercooler down by the radiator and bring the outlet from the IC to the driverside of the engine bay (I checked when I installed the intake - it can be mounted backwards...)

    I've also been thinking about using a small wet shot of nitrous. Most guys with positive displacement blowers see +60% power increases with a small wet shot. This might be just what I need to reduce the air temps at the track.... However I think this would complicate tuning the car.... :shrug:
  17. I'm no help in that area. I don't know if there's a way to incorporate (automatically) fuel enrichment with nitrous without having a multi-position tuner chip other than adding an extra fuel nozzle to go along with the nitrous nozzle. The latter seems like it would be the way for you to go with how your blower is setup in relation to your intake though. I'm thinking the liquid nitrous would evaporate pretty darned quickly with the kinds of blower exhaust temps you're talking about.
  18. so im still trying to figure out how the blower is mounted....doesnt it bolt onto the lower intake on the 3.8s? how is it mounted to the bracket and where is the inlet on the blower? and pics of the bracket? im seriously considering giving this a shot
  19. The blower is mounted on the passenger fender. The blower bolts right to the FEAD bracket and the FEAD bracket is primarily attached to the engine using the three bolts on the front of the passenger-side head.

    Pics of everything are available at my website.... http://jims306.webhop.net
    I don't know that I'd bother doing this again, you can reap more performance just as cheap buying a used paxton, novi, procharger, etc...