5.0L V8 Vs. 4.0L V6 = Good Race

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  1. Well, a good buddy of mine and I have plans for this weekend to go out to the track to finally end our debate of "which car is faster!?" He drives a 1986 Firebird that has a 5.0L V8 and it will be up against my 05 V6 Mustang. After research was conducted on the internet, we found that his Firebird supposedly has 150 HP. This sounds like a no brainer right? 210HP vs 150. Game over right? Well, I don't know. I've ridden with him many times and it feels fast! Oh by the way he has no mods.

    The second question is what should I use as my "dial-in" time? The only time slip i saw was the guy who ran a 14.53. I was thinking of dialing in at 15.40 just because I really never have drag raced before so I don't know what I'm doing! :rlaugh:

    Thanks guys! :flag:
  2. My buddy has an 84 trans am with the 5.0, and he is no match really. I dont think an 86 is any diff. (his is the ram air one too)
  3. You should wax him.
    I don't believe you have to dial in necessarily unless you plan on bracket racing.
  4. what he said (bout the dialing in thing)
  5. 1984 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am HO 7.9 16.1
    1987 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA (auto) 7.1 15.5
    1988 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am GTA 7.4 15.9

    Peice of cake stock, i mean 1986? hes prolly got 200k on it by now, lol
  6. Yeah, I am racing in a bracket race under the "sportsman" class. Oh and to echo7, he only has 80k on the car. I guess that shows how much the car must suck considering if the previous owner must have never drove it haha.
  7. LOL, funny my friends 84 trans am has only 73000 on it.
  8. why don't you just line up and race the guy if you're curious who's faster?

    no way one of those POS slow things are as fast as any 99+ stang
  9. Unless you have a 99 v6 automatic, you will get destroyed
  10. Well, we raced last night and I was dissapointed with my preformance. The 3 runs I did were kind of slow. 1st run was a 16.05, 2nd was a 16.06, and 3rd was 16.16. The last run was horrible because I think I reved up too high which caused me to do a burn out at the starting line haha. But oh well, I still killed that firebird. It was no competition. He ran a 17.75, 17.76, and a 17.54. I was expecting each of us to run a second faster but maybe the cause of the slow times were the track and temperature outside. The track is not the greatest, but what can you expect, it's Wichita. Haha. The temperature was 89-91 while we raced. I also ran a 1999 Grand Am Gt and I similar results. The results were that the GT was smoked haha. He ran a 17.07.
  11. Should have iced the intake
  12. GM's 5.0 of the 80's was nothing special really.

    Now a Ford 5.0? Different story :)
  13. There was a modded 5.0L Mustang there. It ran in the 13's. I thought I was going to race it but I lined up wrong and raced a 12 second Chevelle :( haha. Since it was a timed race, I had the head start and towards the end I thought I had him beat and I was probably 50 feet from the finish line where he blazed by me and won by .1930 seconds :( But hey, I can say I lost to a 12 second Chevelle by .1930 seconds! haha

    **edit** oh yeah, that was also my slow time of 16.16 due to the tire squeeling at the starting line.