5.0L vs 305HP 4.6L

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by oliverqueen, Aug 31, 2007.

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  1. Ive had both. Much more power, fuel economy and driveability with the 4v. But if your wanting a race car on a budget 5.0 is the way to go everything is cheaper.
    I love racing my fox body, and the 20+ mpg my cobra gets as a daily driver.
  2. it's what ever you like IMO. people who own 4v's will say "yeah 4v owns 5.0's" and people that own pushrod's will say that they own...each car has its pro's and con's...I personally love the 5.0 in my cobra with little mods/money i can go fast it all depends on heads, and what intake and cam you go with, i also LOVE the sound of a 5.0 (best sounding motor IMO) but 4v's have redicolous top end and with gears, exhaust,CAI they fly. If you wanna mod the car alot than hands down go with a 5.0, if you want too keep it mostly stock and still go fast get a 96-98.
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  4. 5.0=cheaper to mod than the 4.6 which leaves you with extra cash in the pocket:D
  5. 94-95 Cobra's were under rated, I hear it is more like 275hp

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    Actually some 94-95 guys were putting down 220-230 rwhp stock, so that figure is not far off at all. Laugh about that one.
  9. If he meant 275 fwhp, then may be, but most people talk in regards of rear wheel, not fly wheel hp. So by that way of thinking, yah 40RWhp is a giant difference.

    It's still a Cobra, and that is what matters.... just not a very powerful one stock.
  10. Who cares what hp it is. The guy said they were underrated and you like an @ss, laughed at that. The best part is, he is right and you are wrong regardless of how you see it.
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