5.0L w/ Auto Trans Tuner?... help!

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by 642mx, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. double post...
  2. Call Steeda and as for TODD.. Tell him Robert referred you (he knows everything that has been done to my car) he is super nice and doesnt sell somthing that is not worth it just to make a sale..
  3. Will do.... thanks Robert, I really do appreciate your help.

    I didn't get time to call Steeda or AM today, but I did take my wife out to eat tonight at the ole Olive Garden... and we did drive the Stang... first time in awhile!
  4. Robert... I talked to Todd yesterday and he was super nice. I told him you sent me. We spent about a half hour on the phone and he answered everything I asked and then some... I was impressed!

    Anywho... I'm calling him back Monday with my ECM numbers so they can get my tuner loaded and ready. He's doing a 93 octane tune, and a 89 tune... both will make the tranny shift quicker (he told me it should bark the tires real nice in 2nd... which is what I'm looking for).

    Robert... he also told me that you changed your gears to 3.73's and really woke the car up... did you notice much difference in the fuel mileage. I'm not real concerned with economy, but just wanting to see if the difference is huge or not...
  5. I rarely do hwy driving..I do a LOT of stop and go city driving...I may have dropped maybe 1mpg..hard do say, but in stop and go , the mileage should be a little better or same since it's easier from a stop to get the car moving. On the hwy, I might have lost 2-3 mpg..again hard to say.. I havent even reached 5k miles yet and I got the car October last year. I did have some drone at 2000 rpm with my exhaust, which was 80 mph before..NOW, 80 mph is about 2400 rpm, so my drone is gone :D and the car sounds like a family car on the hwy.

    ANYWHO...Glad you talked to Todd..he owes me now :lol: You will love how that car shifts even more than the power you get.

  6. Thanks again Robert... I appreciate your (and everyones) advice that posted in this thread. I can't wait to get the tune!! Hopefully Todd will hook you up on your next purchase...lol.

    I might get the gears in the Spring... I've got to space these mods out a little bit to keep the wifey happy! :D
  7. Its ordered, shipped and on the way! :cheers:
  8. So I get home from work today and saw the Fed Ex guy left me a present...:D

    Loaded the Steeda 89 octane tune tonight and.... holy chit! I now have a totally different car!! It not only spins the tires hitting 2nd gear, it gets sideways! The throttle response is spot on too. Super impressed!

    Now.... I just need to get all the gas burned out of the tank and fill up with 93 so I can load the 93 octane tune they sent. :nice:
  9. 642mx- does your car ever shift into 3rd while it's spinning into 2nd? ..and then once it gains traction in 3rd gear back down to second? Mine does this 4 out of 5 times at wot. I'm having to get my 1-2 shift setting in the tune less aggressive . I should have the new tune sent in the morning.
  10. I haven't noticed it doing that. Of course I only went driving around for about 20 minutes last night. I did stop and do one burnout with it... a little power brake from a dead stop and once it shifted into second, the car went real sideways and I had to let out of it before we went into a ditch...hahaha

    Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to get the car out and do a little more "testing" with this tune. :)

    I did notice one thing about the tune that I'm not crazy about... the 1st to 2nd shift at low speeds (very mild acceleration) is pretty firm... maybe too firm for wet pavement with the wife behind the wheel. I'll wait until we drive it in the rain before I say anything to Steeda about it. It might not even be a concern, I'll just have to see.