5.4 3v drives.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by billfisher, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. well the last things are done. (except exhaust hookup).

    i tried a few burnouts to test throttle response from no throttle in gear to flooring it. no bog or hesitiation. very happy with motor.

    now about torque. you guys gotta get you one of these. my tires are too narrow for this. 245/50-16's feel like they are riding on butter. the least little tap tears them loose. i will post a pic of burnout tomorrow. no hood yet. it is a shame the hood misses by about 1". a simple hood scoop wil ltake care of it. i was tempted to but a cobra 'r', but i am trying to keep the original look. this means i am going to have to get another factory hood after i make the low profile 96 cobra two blade TB and upper intake.

    no idea of top end hp yet. besides VCT isn't installed yet. i don't really expect too much HP until then. maybe 20-30 hp off until it is operational. shakedown first. then a break from wrenching.
  2. congrats on that...bet its a beast
  3. You are my hero Bill! :D Keep us updated. I wish I had the brains (and $) for a swap like this.
  4. Im so jealous, if you ever get tired of that thing, im sure my 96 gt will take it off your hands:nice:
  5. I probably missed your write-up thread, but out of curiosity what'd you do for the PCM? Did you have to swap in a completely new harness for the whole vehicle and everything?
  6. Good job Bill.
  7. sweet congrats.
  8. 96 pcm. i just had to extend some wiring.

    pressure regulator adjustment for mixture.
  9. that is sweet dude and yeah post pics up :nice:
  10. Who cares about pics? ;)

    We need video for sure!
  11. This will be the ultimate sleeper!
  12. Hellyeah!

    Congrats man, I'm sure that'll be fun. :Word:
  13. dang i want it!
  14. Can we get a write up, pics and videos when it's all said and done?
  15. :Word:
    really want to check this out when your all done.
  16. is this a Triton motor ? My F150 has one. How much RWHP can they hold stock ?