5.4 3v intake mods

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by billfisher, Sep 22, 2005.

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    1. remove intake 'swirl' butterfly's
    2. silicone between ports to seal.
    3. ends seal with factory plastic bell crank.
    4. there is not a seperate valve assembly like 4.6 3v it is part of intake.
    5. investigate removing bottom half of intake to shorten runners then use solvent glue to put back together.

    this intake has huge volume. it has already produced 300 hp in pick-up 'torque' application. in the old days we had intakes such as the weiand 'colt 65' i sued on my 302's. the inner runners were only 4" long. the outer runners were fed from the other side of the split plenum, and were about 14" long. it produce two distinct torque spikes at low and higher RPM's. i am not going to ruin this thing, but i am going to shorten all of the runners with 4 shorter than the rest and 'bell' them. all i need is the name of a chemical that will bond the parts. the factory friction welds them. this is a long road. VCT is the last issue right now. i am getting a quote from a solenoid pwm controller manufaturer.

    2000hz, 0-12v modulation control for 0-100% duty, 12v power, 1.5a solenoid rating.
    the motor will make sufficient power until that is finished.
  2. also 8 bolt crank is same pattern as cobra 4.6? i know it is steel, but 8 holes?
  3. cobra and windor 2V's are 8 bolt