5.4-4v Navigator engine swap?!?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by myrez99, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. well you can use it, but runner cross section and plenum volume is WAY too small for good hp number with 50 extra cubes.
  2. besides the 97 cobra wont fit tumble heads. and any adapter will just plain suck. if you are talking 5.4 4v navi.
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  4. yeah but if you bore and stroke yours not only will you have over 5 liter mod motor, you can buy forged internals and spray or boost the hell out of it. or both. mod motors get most of their power by simple bolt ons. with out forged internals bolt ons are very limited.
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  7. well being that the 5.4 is wider wouldnt you have to delete the brake system and go manual?

    what if you were to take a 5.4 sohc bottom end and adapt a cobra top end to that???? that would be sweet as hell i know you wouldnt be able to use the intake because of the block being wider i assume

    but when you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME
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  9. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh see i AM an idiot!!!
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  12. whats the weight of the 5.4 dohc motor versus the 4.6 dohc 03 cobra motor?
  13. It is about the same.
  14. I've found a local j-yard with a low mileage 5.4 dohc for around $500.00 but don't know if I want to sell my 98 4.6 cobra motor in parts and build a 5.4 for the car or just build the stock one back up with a 5.0 stroker > I do know I'm getting tired of it just sitting in my drive way while i drive a f-ing mini van to work every day :(
  15. I'm putting a 5.4 in a Lincoln Mark 8. I'm using a Sullivan intake kit. So ill have to figure out what to do with the old Teksid block and b heads.....:rolleyes:

    I hear the 32v C heads arent the best....the Aviator heads are actually better. But this car will eventually get a Kenne bell so the loss of a Few CFM's doesn't really matter.

    Motor cost me $700 Intake Stuff $1500 Machine shop $1000
    Heres some pics

    The Car

    Motor + Some paint

    Some Sullivan stuff
  16. nice motor looking good.
  17. who make's the intake kit?
    Sullivan intake kit?
  18. Yea, holy **** there on drug's > there's no way i'm going to pay that much for a intake set-up > I'll run the stock intake before that happens .
  19. I know right. A 3v has more hp and tq over then the 2v and the 3v is cam phasers. Works with oil pressure to advance time and retard time hence more power. And why would a 4v lack any thing. When Ford made the 4v engines they were considered specialty engines like : the teksid block .93-01 cobra, 93-98 mark 8's 99-04 Lincoln Aviator for the 4.6 4v blocks. 99-2005 for the 5.4 4v blocks for the 5.4 swaps.