5.4 lightning engine swap into 98 GT

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  1. has anyone done this and got any pointers or tricks to do this swap.
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  2. Yep local duy did it and he just sold it because it was a money pit LOL. Just WAY too many little things, I dont think he ever even got the thing running, and the engine is TALL. He had to have a HUGE hood just to make it fit.

    I would skip doing that swap.
  3. Just take the short block, port and polish your heads, and get a centri blower.... It will fit under the hood if you use the stock mustang intake and get the intake adapter plates.

    With a lightning motor w/ blower you would need a 8" cowl hood!
  4. just do a terminator swap
  5. lol you dont need a hood, they are for losers. i have seen one in an sn95. not sure how it ran, but he did cut the hell out of his stock hood. looked cool at least
  6. it aint for me, my friend has a wrecked lightning and bought the 98 roller to do the swap
  7. I would skip that! Wow that will be a wiring nightmare!!! You will have to get the biggest cowl hood they make AND STILL cut a hole in it.
  8. Theres a girl who used to post on here that has it in her purple 96, even with the Cobra R hood they still cut the hood open for clearance. Ran well though, it was in the KOTS (king of the streets) competition in a magazine last year and makes over 500rwhp/tq.

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  9. ^ LOL how would you like to see that in your rear view mirror? :lol: That would honestly scare the crap out of me LOL.
  10. ^for real, it would look like the batmobile with the machine guns poppin out
  11. lightning swap

    i have a 98 gt with a 01 lightning swap it has a vortech v1 sc and i had a custom intake made but it fits under a 2 in cowl hood the swap isnt as bad as everone says mounts r same as 4.6 and harness is similar
  12. A buddy of mine did it in his 03 Mach 1 Clone... It ran good, but looked like crap IMO. I wanna say he ran an 11.7 with it bone stock....
  13. that purple one looks sick as f**k with the black Saleen's on it. I would never atempt that kind of swap though. Im sure it would be a lot easier to do a terminator swap. Plus, isnt that engine a hell of a lot hevier than a terminator motor:shrug: Probubly wouldn't handle worth a s**t

  14. yeah...ok...:bs:

    Can we see some pics then? What numbers did you put up?
  15. Whats the max hp a stock lightning 5.4 block can take? Are the motors forged?
  16. Pics with a penny and a sign that says "Laser rules!" or :ban:
  17. I dont think the block, internals, & heads are any different than the regular Triton, but I could be wrong??
  18. That is why I said above: :bs::bs::bs::bs::bs::bs:

    guy is full of it!
  19. i heard the 02's had forged pistons and crank
  20. An N/A 5.4 drops right in. Mounts the same, uses the 4.6 harness, uses all the 4.6 accessories and everything. Get some adapter plates or HPS 5.4 intake, and slight widening of the midpipe and thats it. Similar HP to 4.6 with much more torque. Centri blower or nitrous would turn things crazy fast.

    I got a 5.4 motor CHEAP. Stripped it down to bare block and kept the timing cover/components. I may still go with it, but I'm considering abandoning the swap.