5.4-liter, 3-valve TritonTM V-8 swap

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  1. Would a 5.4-liter, 3-valve TritonTM V-8 be a good swap to place in a 97 GT Mustang?

    The new 5.4 liter, 3 valve engine has 300hp and over 325 torque.
  3. If im correct billfisher has done this swap and it sounds amazing.
  4. just look my name in tech.


    get an 4.6 75mm TB
    105mm MAF
    retard cams 1 upper tooth. save time experimenting.
    get best 4.6 90 degree elbow you can.

    it has 365 lb-ft.
    getting 300+ hp takes mods. it doesn't make that stock even though ford publishes it. all the stuff i have added has just gotten it over 300.
  5. I agree with bill the 5.4 is under rated I work at the ford dealership and the sales guys say they are even under rated.But with some mods i bet they can be good motor..
  6. So, it maybe better to get a late model 4.6 engine in the new Mustang GT?
  7. he said get those parts from a 4.6 to go with a 5.4 3V...HE HAS DONE THE SWAP IN HIS 96GT...do a search in tech or just click on his username and find his threads he made about it. Lots of them with details and pics.