5.4L 4v Navi swap N/A numbers??? any one know!!!

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  1. i am interested in 5.4L 4v Navigator swap with sullivan intake in a 99 GT any one know of N/A numbers a setup like this produces my guess will be around 350-375HP and around 400ftlb off the crank i would love to see some ones dyno N/A of a setup with this intake.
    also what would be better to start with the Navi heads or some other 4V heads cobra/mach also what 4v cams Navi or cobra
  2. I found some number on this with ported and polished Navi heads Stage 2 intake cams (0.452-inch lift and 225 degrees of duration) and Stage 3 exhaust cams (0.474-inch lift and 235 degrees of duration) Sullivan intake, set of custom 1 3/4-inch to 2-inch step headers 90MM TB

    Low compression around 8.1:1 made 478 hp at 7,300 rpm and 395 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm. :)

    High compression around 10.5:1 543 hp and the torque to 439 lb-ft :)

    Ill re guess my numbers to be 325hp-350hp and 375 lb-ft with the stock Navi block, Navi heads, Sullivan intake and shorty headers

    read the article hear look at the boosted numbers droolll Ford Small Block - MSD Ignition - Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine

    Chime in what do you think!
  3. birdman did 404rwhp with a boss 290 intake and i think thats it.
  4. 404RWHP with a Boss290 not on an otherwise stock navigator i assume, if so that is freaking godly and i will get started asap
  5. I thought the 5.4 out of the Navigator was a 3v?
  6. only 2006 and later had the 3v

    maybe 2005 but they had 5.4l dohc before that.
  7. Good luck finding parts and when you do get ready to have a lighter pocket.

    4.6 2v FTW!!!!!!!
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  8. its actually quite cheap until you get in to cams cause you need 4 instead of 2 and the potential is far more than my 2v could ever see N/A if you can get a decent motor for around 500-1000 and sell your 2v when your done its almost free alot nicer looking motor too
  9. A N/A 4v 5.4 would be so awesome in my car, too bad California won't let me swap it in and still be able to have it be smog legal, stupid state. Look forward to seeing your build thread, if you do install this engine in your car.
  10. just register your car at my address and say your visiting!!!
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  11. the ford falcon in Australia runs a 5.4 4v n/a the first ones made 350hp 369ft-lbs

    the latest is up to 422hp and like 406 ft-lbs engine rated come on ford bring it to the states they have had these engines since 2000 our mustang could have been the street machines they should have been for a long time now 2011 412hp you could have done better with an existing 5.4L 4V power plant and just given in variable valve timing to make it even better im disappointed atleast it there for me to build though thanks for that i guess
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  12. Yea how about the headers that you have to fab up? Why did you make a topic asking a question then answer all of your own questions? Why are you questioning the 2011 5.0? Why don't you move down under with the 5.4 4v? Why am I asking so many questions?
  13. no headers need to be fabed up unless you want longtubes the stock manifolds or shorty headers work just fine just widen the H or X pipe, and i didnt answer my quest to find some ones dyno numbers with a stock 5.4L 4v with a sullivan intake manifold i guesstimated the range it would be in still would like to find some one with a setup up close to that and has had it on a dyno. Dont get me wrong the new 5.0L is an amazing motor I am just a little up set that the mustang from 1999-2010 never had and option of a n/a 5.4L 4v to spank some LS1 ass when the motor was there to be had the whole time just deprived from the american mustang you feal me
  14. Don't reply to a thread if you don't know anything about the question
    at hand. :nonono:
  15. Pony how about you hop off my sac.

    OP why would you go that much into a swap when the money you could have a 2v go just as fast. I don't care if the car makes 800 hp and can only run a 12 in the 1/4. The only guy that seemed to have any success with a all motor 5.4 4v is Al Papito, but I think he runs 10s. Their are people in the 10s on motor in a 2v. IMHO you are going to be wasting a lot of time. If you are searching for cubes go big bore stroker ( 5.3) and then all the looking for parts and fabrication is not need because it is still a 4.6 based block.
  16. BB Stroker would be soo much better than a 5.4 in both performance, and in terms of parts availability.
  17. he goes 9's btw..

    anywhooo, ill say this! you need a good head to make power on anything, the 4v cars have better heads and make more power, the navigator engine will make boosted 2v power n/a with not a whole lot of money dumped into the engine itsself, physically its a damn tight fit into a mustang wiring will work fine, the things you have to consider are a upper plenum for the navi intake, and fuel rails and throttle cable.

    i like 2vs yes but they are limited to how much hp they can make n/a and no a 5.3 $4000 stroker will not make more than a well put together 5.4 4v navi engine.

    the new 6.2 they are making now in the raptor can be stroked to a 7.0 and it is a 2v engine, and they are OVER square engines.

    i cant wait to get some cfm ratins on these heads and other specs on the engine itsself..
  18. a coyote and pcm should cost a little over 7k. get one and forget 5.4. its not necessary any more.
  19. stock 6.2 heads= 328cfm : ported over 400cfm.
  20. lord i want a 6.2 now!!! if the mounts are the same, you will be seeing this done