5.4L 4v Navi swap N/A numbers??? any one know!!!

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  1. Mr. Rustypwnz knows whats up :nice: if the coyote with a pcm is 7K that would be nice in my 99 but for around 8K i am looking at 550hp out of the 5.4 and if i go big bore i think i can hit 5.8L

    later down the road i would sell the Sullivan after i am fully built and strap on the F/I for some really gnarly numbers

    now the 6.2 stroked to a 7.0 that makes me feel good inside already cant wait to hear more about it.

    whos running a 2v N/A in the 10s maybe with some 4.56 gears and non street able cam setup up sure :notnice:
  2. 4.56s are just as streetable as the 500 ft lb tq motor you are looking into. You do what your heart desires, just don't want to see a thread later on saying "wtf did I get myself into"
  3. Right on
  4. 550rwhp will be damn hard to get, and there are i think 2-3 guys now in the 10's n/a with a 2v 4.6.
  5. Sooooo, how can you still reply to threads if you are banned, just wondering.:shrug:
  6. I would be ALL OVER that 6.2 if it had the 4v head. I worry about the physical size of that engine. It was hard enough trying to squeeze my 5.4 into my Mustang. In all honesty what I learned from my 5.4 swap is that Mod motors are BIG. Ya can't do much to them without pulling the motor. Especially taller deck height motors like the 5.4. I'm certain the 6.2 would be the same. The GM 6.0 is compact and is able to be wrenched on without pulling the motor. If you want a cross dresser Mustang of course. Lol
  7. The 6.2 is smaller than a 5.4 32v. The heads are much better than the navi heads as well. It wouldn't be too difficult to swap one in, but there is a total lack of affordable parts made for the 6.2.
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  11. Sullivan's webiste outlines that a Cobra head swap on the 5.4 DOHC doesn't yield better numbers. "There is no horsepower to be gained by trying to run Cobra heads, the Navigator heads with their large ports allows the use of much larger intake runners." http://www.sullivanperformance.com/yvs450/tech/tech1.htm

    Anthony Rhyne did a swap with the Boss 260 intake and yielded 333rwhp 378rwtq with the rough 15% parasitic loss calculation it would be 382hp and 434ft/lbs . His dyno video can be found here:

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DMSoQA1JKI
  12. Sorry I missed that you were looking for dyno results using the Sullivan intake. Here is a video for that one! 93 Fox with a 5.4 DOHC Sullivan Intake and a Holly 750 Carb. 315hp @ 6400 rpm and 315 ft/lbs from 2400-6000rpm.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YIxRssaKBI
  13. If he was using navi heads, that intake mani would choke out the navi heads. A boss 260-90 intake should be used with 99+ c heads.
  14. Sullivan Performance match ported their 5.4 intake for the use on the navi heads. The intake which has since been discontinued, featured long runners that were feed by a single 4 barrel carb or plenum adapter which used a twin blade throttle body.

    In this video InTune Performance has a 750 Holly installed on the intake. According to accufabs website, the flow rates should be around 1000 cfm for the 96-98 Cobra 4.6 DOHC. The 5.4 DOHC would need more air than the 4.6 due to the longer stroke. The restriction with the InTune Autoworks engine above would be the Holly 750 in my opinion.
  15. The 5.4 4v Navi stock engine produces 330 hp and 375 ft of torque . Some cylinder head work and a matched set of cams can help pick up some more hp and torque.